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Battery + cable goes to one of the large posts

Starter cable goes to the other Large post

Trigger wire goes to the small post (if there are 2 disregard 2nd)

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it depends on whether your car is automatic or manual shift.

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I also need to know how to install a alternator in a Mercury Topaz, but my car is a 1991. PLEASE HELP...

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the swwitch is on top of the transmission

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Q: How do you install an alternator on a 1993 mercury topaz?
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How do you place the belt route on a 1993 Mercury Topaz?

alternator-,ac pump-,steering pump-,crank pully-, idler pulley-,water pump

Diagram of brake lines on 1993 topaz?

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1993 Mercury Topaz sucks air how to fix?


Does a 1993 Mercury Topaz have a timing chain?

On a 1993 Mercury Topaz : Yes , both the 2.3 litre four cylinder engine and the 3.0 litre V6 engine use a timing CHAIN

Does the 1993 mercury topaz have a cigarette lighter?

Yes. Not an acessory outlet.

Why won't my 1993 Mercury Topaz start despite new battery and old but good alternator?

If you mean will crank, but no fire, then check for spark and fuel. If you mean will not crank, then check the wiring and the starter.

Where is fuel pump located on 1993 mercury topaz?

Inside the fuel tank.

How many fuel filter are they in mercury topaz 1993?

Should be just one.

Where is the voltage regulator on 1993 mercury cougar?

embedded with alternator

How do you know when you have enough tension on a serpentine belt For a 1993 Mercury Topaz?

when the belt has no slack in it