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How do you install crown molding?

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2012-11-10 21:18:33

Start by cutting a small piece of the crown molding preferably

about 1 foot. Start by placing the crown molding in the proper

position on the ceiling and the wall. Make a small pencil line on

On the wall on the bottom of the crown molding Measured the

distance from the ceiling to the pencil line And cut a piece of

crown molding the same size. Go around the room and mark off the

line preferably about 2 to 3 feet apart from each other.

Next you need to find the angles of the corners You can do that

with a protractor tool that you can purchase at the Home Depot for

about $5-$10

Next you need to get your measurements. This will usually

require a helper To hold the other end of the tape measure. Measure

from wall to wall using the tape measure a simple trick is to make

a small pencil line in the centers of the corners to make sure you

are measuring at the proper location. It usually helps to write the

number on the wall but make sure you put it above the line so you

do not need to paint it back

Next you need to find your Studs which are commonly known as 2 x

4. With a stud finder you will be able to find the studs easier you

can usually purchase one of them at home Home Depot for about


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