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Below only works if you have Forge installed:

1. Download correct version for your minecraft.

2. Put it in your "mods" folder.

3. Launch the modded version of Minecraft.

4. Enjoy!

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Q: How do you install minecraft baby animals mod?
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How do I install wizard craft mod for minecraft?

Install it like a normal mod.

How do you install a clay soldier mod at 1.8.1?

Go to Mine Thailand & go to Minecraft Mod Clay Soldier & Download it after Download already Download Minecraft mod Clay Soldier & Install Mediafire after Install already Install mediafire

Is there away to install a mod on minecraft 1.7 9?

Yes. There is a way of installing mod on minecraft 1.7 9.

How do you install star wars mod for minecraft?

go to and download the mod

Can you see a mod list for 1.3.2 for minecraft?

install forge and there will be a mod list

How do you do install the clay soldier mod on minecraft?

There many ways install this mod but the best way is the CSM installer.

How do you make an airship in Minecraft?

install the zeplin mod

How do you install a mod in minecraft on the mac?

The same as a pc install it go to run do %appdata%/.minecraft/bin hazzah!

Can you have the Pokemon mod in creative mode in minecraft?

If you install a mod it will work in all gamemodes.

What version of Minecraft has horses?

Minecraft Does not have horses.. However The MO' Animals mod has Horses in it. So it is fairly easy to install if you know what your doing. :)

How do you find a pegsis on Minecraft?

They are not in minecraft by default. You have to install a mod...Mo Creatures I think it is.

How do you install minecraft friend mod 1.2.4?

YOu download it. :O