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How do you install the driver for a printer?

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Click on the link to your right for instructions.

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Q: How do you install the driver for a printer?
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Why is your printer printing gibberish?

The printer driver is probably corrupt. Try reinstalling the printer driver from the maker's website or install disk.

How do you install hp printer driver?

Install the driver from the disc or from the maker's website. See the user guide or follow install driver instructions from the website.

How do you install the Kyocera Fs-720 printer driver on windows 8 64bit?

Installing the KyoceraFs-720 printer driver on windows 8 64 bit, requires downloading the driver or using the disc that came with the printer. After it is downloaded, clicking on the EXE file, will install it.

How do you install printer from dos base system?

DOS only supports the generic based printers.. You need not to install any printer in it as it always use Generic Text printer driver.. You can only use Dot Matrix Printer (DMP) in DOS without any driver..

What are the steps of installing a printer driver?

Usually plugging the printer in. or inserting any disks you got with the printer should install them automatically

How you free download TVS printer driver?

install to personal computer

You are not able to install printer wipro laser 1500 on windows7 operating system?

i am not able to install the wipro laser 1500 on windows7. please help me how could i install the printer driver?

How do you connect a hp printer to a Lenovo laptop?

first you purchase good h.p printer, with that printer you will be given driver cd, just insert in lenovo pc and install driver, that all now you can use your h.p printer with no issues.

How do you install a Canon iR2018n printer in Fedora 11?

This printer is supported by the pxlmono driver. Use the CUPS web interface on your computer to install the printer by clicking the link below. Note that this printer is not currently supported for color printing.

What requirement needs to be met to manually install a local USB printer?

Generally -you need a USB printer cable connected to the printer and computer. choose "add a printer" and then choose the brand and model from the drop down list and install the correct driver

How do you print on Sony laptops?

you just install the laptop driver and connect the laptop and printer.

How do I fix garbled print jobs?

The fix is almost always to install the correct printer driver software (if you can find it). Sometimes when you connect a new Plug and Play compatible printer that the OS does not know (e.g. the printer is a newly introduced model and you have an older computer and OS) the OS will pick either a "generic printer driver" or a printer driver for an older "similar" printer. Such printer drivers may not in fact be compatible with the new printer and garble the printing. Hopefully the printer came with a printer driver installation CD or DVD, or the manufacturer's website provides downloads of their latest printer drivers for the printer.

How do you connect a Canon printer to a laptop?

The same way you connect that printer to a desktop. Most modern printers are connected to computers using either USB or EtherNet, some connect using WiFi. You will also need to install the Canon device driver software that came with the printer if you want to be sure you can use all of its features (many OSs can automatically recognize the printer and install their own driver for it, but frequently this driver does not fully support all features of the printer).

How to install the driver for printer if the laptop can't detect the printer?

Most printers come with an installation disc - either that - or you can download the drivers from the printer's website.

Hp 8500 paper jam error but there is no jam how to resolve?

1) Unistall printer. 2) Download and re-install printer software and driver. 3) Download any update to the software and/or driver.

An external peripheral device must have a corresponding?

Port and driver. For example, a printer is a peripheral, you need to plug it into a USB or Parallel port, then install a driver for it.

Which driver I've to install in laptop?

its depend on system requirements. most of the drivers are built in. printer web cam saner etc diver you have to install.

What is a printer driver?

A printer driver is a piece of software that tells the operating system how to interact with the printer.

How do you register the printer to your computer?

Most computers will 'auto-detect' a printer when it's plugged into a USB port. Windows software includes drivers for most printers, and will install the correct driver for the printer it detects. If it doesn't find a relevant driver - it will ask for an installation disk.

How do you install the Kyocera Fs 720 printer driver on windows 7 32bit?

I need for windows 7 x64

Why printer hp laser jet P2015 is not printing any page except test page and giving admin error?

You probably need to install the correct printer driver. Go to the maker's website and search for the driver to suit your printer and your Operating System (which is not mentioned in your question).

Where can you download drivers for your printer?

If you run into problems while installing a printer, or if you've added a printer but are unable to use it, you might need to install or update the printer driver so that it is compatible with the version of Windows you're running. Some drivers ship with Windows, are available through Windows Update, or are saved to your computer through the hardware installation process and are ready to install. In other cases, you'll need to install drivers using a CD or DVD provided by the printer manufacturer. To install these drivers, follow the steps for using the Printers folder. If the driver you need is not already stored on your computer or if you don't have a CD or DVD, try searching the printer manufacturer's website to see if you can download and install it from there.

How do you fix in windows 7 install printer driver Photosmart D5360?

Use the CD following the printer or download the driver from HP's site. The driver is a "backround program" needed for most devices to run on Windows. If you allready installed this try removing the printer and reinstall. If it still does not work read up on "Print Spooler Service".

I am running windows xp i did a system recovery and now my Kodak 5100 aio printer wont work when i try to install it i get an error code 1304x17x3021026592x how can i fix this?

first uninstall the printer driver from control panel and then again try to install the driver.. you can also use system restore utility if it not works..

How do you Install and configure the printer on one of the PCs?

How do you Install and configure the printer on one of the PCs?