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How do you install the sims 2 university?



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When you purchase The Sims 2 University its comes with 2 discs. Called the Expansion Pack. There is Disc One with a man on it and Disc two with a woman on it. If you try to put in disc one first it won't work because a message will pop up saying. (This product requires an installed copy of The Sims 2. Please install the Sims 2 before installing this product) Now that may seem confusing but not really. Insert Disc two. Press Open. After that you press Run As. It will run for a little while to write down all the saved files on your disc. If something goes wrong with the download press Retry. If that doesn't work then you might have to go through all of your files to check if any The Sims 2 games are saved. What might be causing to decline to download is probably because you have other saved files of The Sims 2. Please uninstall all of your The Sims 2 game files. Then try to download disc two again. It should work. If it works take out disc two and put in disc one with the man on it. Then press Next to that your English or Espanol. Then it should install. If that does not work then I'm not sure what will.