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How do you install window air conditioner?

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you have to cut the window and use glue and duck tape to hold it

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Can you install a window air conditioner sideways?


How do you install a large air conditioner in a small window?

Buy a smaller air conditioner

Can you install air conditioner in louvered window?


Can you install a window air conditioner in a crank out window?

Generally speaking, this would be difficult to do.

Is it better to install a window air conditioner in the top part of a window or bottom?


Is it safe to install a window air conditioner in a wall?

yes but it depends to the area that you installed window type air condition

How can I install an air conditioning unit myself?

Popular Mechanics offers an online article on how to install a window air conditioner. YouTube also offers many videos on air conditioner installation.

How cost efficent are window air conditioner units?

Window air conditioner units are cheap to put in but not so efficient. There are some very good Energy Star efficient window air conditioners but they cost more to install.

How do you install a portable air conditioner into a casement crank out window?

One way would be to remove the window panel from the enclosure and build a frame to fit the air conditioner tightly into the hole.

Can you install a window air conditioner with no window?

With a little skill and knowledge you cut a hole through an out-side wall.

How do you install a portable air conditioner in a horizontal sliding window?

You would put it in like you are going to install an vertical conditioner only, you put it in the opposite direction.

Is it easy to install window air conditioners, or would I need to hire a professional?

A window air conditioner is designed for an easy self installation. If you are not sure as t how to install it,you can find instructions at

How do you put portable air conditioner in casement window?

You put a portable air conditioner on the casement of a window by placing it midway on the window casement. You then close the window so it sits on top of the air conditioner.

Can you use a window air conditioner as a portable air conditioner?

yes we can..

Does a window air conditioner have to go in a window?

The window air conditioner does not have to be on the window. It just has to be in proximity to the window. The vent pipes and fans work best if there is an opening on the wall.

How do you install a window air conditioner in a wall?

seriously? you cut a hole in the wall.Try not to hit any pipes or wires.

Window air conditioner?


Does window air conditioner have freon?

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How do you install a portable air conditioner into a casement window?

There are no portable air conditioner units with a window kit that will work for a casement window. Some customers have fashioned a solution using plexiglas to cover their entire window area and then have a small hole cut into the plexiglas for the hot air discharge hose. No solution is provided "out of the box" but some customers have fashioned their own.

What air conditioning tools are needed for connection?

This answer depends on if the air conditioner is portable or permanent. With a portable air conditioner you need a hose (if equipped, this comes with the free standing air conditioners) to vent out the hot air. But with the air conditioner that sits in the window you need a screw driver, screws and plastic curtains that go around the air conditioner to block off the rest of the window. On a permanent air conditioner that is built in the house it is best to have a professional install it because they are licensed to do so and will be equipped with all the tools needed.

How can you mount a window air conditioner to an SUV window?


What are some decent air conditioner companies?

The best option for installing an air conditioner is to probably go to a local department store and buy an energy efficient window air conditioning unit. You can install those yourself easily.

How heavy is this air conditioner?

The Gibson GAX052P7A Window Air Conditioner weighs 52 pounds.

Can you make a window air conditioner less ugly?

remove old unit,and install new one,wa-la,prettyy as can be.

How do you tilt a window air conditioner?

by tilting it