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Java Server Pages (JSP) and Java Swings are two entirely differently technologies. Integrating them both is not possible because JSP is a web based technology that runs on an Enterprise Web server and Swings is a stand-alone UI based technology that can run by itself without the need for a server. Hence integrating them both is not possible.

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Are you have project java have jsp plus jdbc plus swing?

No. JSP and Swings are two contrasting Technologies and cannot be used in the same application. And - JDBC can be used with both types of applications that use either JSP or Swings

What are jsp actions?

JSP actions are XML tags that direct the server to use existing components or control the behavior of the JSP engine. JSP Actions consist of a typical (XML-based) prefix of "jsp" followed by a colon, followed by the action name followed by one or more attribute parameters. There are six JSP Actions: < jsp : include / > < jsp : forward / > < jsp : plugin / > < jsp : usebean / > < jsp : setProperty / > < jsp : getProperty / >

How to Update data from jsp into database?

can i get update coding in jsp??

What is acronym of jsp?

JSP stands for Java Server Pages

What is full from JSP?

JSP stands for Java Server Pages

What does jsp mean?

jsp means Java Server Pages.

When was JSP Records created?

JSP Records was created in 1978.

Which is the website for jsp tutorials?

There are many websites for JSP Tutorials. Just google with text as "JSP Tutorials" or click on the related links in this answer...

How do you connect jsp and HTML?

JSP and HTML are similar in some way or other. JSP is one which has work on Java Programming as well.

What does JSP stand for in JSP Corporation?

Japan Styrene Paper Corporation

Why can you make HTML and jsp pages?

You can make HTML pages and JSP pages for web attractiveness. JSP pages offer additions features to it.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of JSP?

Advantages of JSP 1. HTML friendly simple and easy language and tags. 2. Supports Java Code. 3. Supports standard Web site development tools. Disadvantages of JSP 1. As JSP pages are translated to servlets and compiled, it is difficult to trace errors occurred in JSP pages. 2. JSP pages require double the disk space to hold the JSP page. 3. JSP pages require more time when accessed for the first time as they are to be compiled on the server.

Why donot you have doget in jsp also?

Because the doGet is the work of the Servlet and not the JSP

What method do you override to initialize instance variables in a JSP declaration?

jsp init()

How do you convert HTML to JSP?

You cannot. A JSP Page contains a lot more contents than just HTML. It contains JavaScript, Java Scriptlets etc. So a HTML cannot be directly converted to a JSP unless someone sits and adds the other contents to the JSP that makes it a JSP

What are the JSP lifecycle methods?

The 3 life cycle methods in a JSP page are:jspInit() - Called when the JSP page is initializedjspService() - Called everytime a request/response is received/submittedjspDestroy() - Called when the JSP is no longer required

Why should you use PHP and not JSP?

Firstly, this is wrong question. The right one would be WHEN should you use PHP, not JSP? or, WHEN should you use PHP and WHEN JSP?

When you forward a JSP page which built-in JSP object goes out of scope?


How do you set the session variables in jsp?

The session variables can be accessed in a jsp page from the request object. Note: Accessing session contents in JSP is not a good design practice

Will it bhu become iit by 2010?

How do you import jsp file in servlet?

I think the name of the jsp file is included in the web.xml of the servlet

Which is faster JSP or PHP?

Depends on what you are doing, PHP does somethings Faster than JSP and in reverse.

Which one is better from jsp and asp?

I would choose JSP because JSP is a open source technology and is free whereas ASP is a proprietary technology and is paid. Features wise, both JSP and ASP are equivalent and can compete with one another feature by feature.

Difference between jsp and php?

JSP stands for Java Server Pages whereas PHP stands for Hypertext PreProcessor. PHP is a scripting language whereas JSP is a full fledged technology. JSP is much more powerful and has more features than PHP

Jsp file is text or xml based document?

A JSP file is a text based document with a .jsp extension. The file can contain HTML content, Java code and other text.