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this may mean a series of things,so I'll list all i can think of.

1. talk to the merman, (the fishies that jump out of the water at every square, give them bait and they'll give info on that island including a drawing on it to add to your main sea chart)

2. collect treasure charts. they are located in all sorts of places in the game, get the guide or go to a Zelda website if you really want to get all of them.

3. go to your sea chart and press the Y button to open up your list of treasure charts. you can go through them this way and see all the ones you've collected.

hope this helped and have fun.

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You will need to pay tingle to do that. However save up loads of rupees because he charges lots of rupees because it costs 398 rupees for each chart. There are eight Triforce Charts in total so you will need to save at least 3000 rupees to get them all deciphered.

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Give the triforce charts to tingle on tingle island he will ask for a bunch of rupees but he will give you the chart deciphered after giving him the money. Follow the chart to find the triforce pieces.

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Q: How do you interpret your map in the legend Zelda wind waker?
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