How do you join a werewolf cult?

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April 27, 2009 5:09AM

* Werewolves are myths from past times, but there was a case in England where a man would actually have facial changes and hair growing on his face and body and he had great strength. He was arrested by the police and put into a cell. That evening there was a full moon and he pleaded with police to tie him down so he would not hurt anyone. Of course the police thought the man was a raving lunatic, but two police officers actually witnessed this man's facial features change; hair growing from his face and body and he began to stretch the bars on the cell window. The police couldn't believe their eyes. This case is documented. Keep in mind that if some individuals believe deeply enough in something they can have some physical changes to their body. http://www.altereddimensions.net/creatures/werewolf.aspx [I don't see your account on this web page] * There are very few and they are very hard to find you must survive tests and they are all located in forests to try to find them is to try to find trouble my advice is to give up now, but if your looking for them check the web for locations then at least you'll get a push in the right direction. * Cult would imply a deviant nature, as would werewolf.