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How do you join friends in Gmail chat?


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You have to send a request to the person. If he/she accepts they are added to your list. Then you can chat with them.

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You can send chat request to your friends on GMail if you know their email address.

Well I have a Gmail and one of my friends have a Hot mail and I told my other friend, if people that have a Gmail can chat with people that have Hot mail and she said that you can chat with anybody, she also said that she has a Gmail and her cousin has a Yahoo and she could still CHAT with her. So am pretty shure you can.

You can find friends on Google Chat. Gmail is only used to mail people you know. It requires a specific Email ID.

Gmail graphic icon are in gmail chat.

You can, you just need to add people who have Google Talk or use gmail I think you can chat but you have to have contacts and stuff so that is my opinion. You can chat but you need contacts and plus, i have a great chat website - - it's great!!

Yes you can use gmail to chat on AIM. You go to settings then chat. At the bottom you have AIM you can choose to do it then you can chat with your friends on AIM. ~Kgirl [[User:Kkumagai|Kkumagai]] 20:13, 22 Jan 2009 (UTC)

it is 10394 me and my friends made the record

They use Gmail, an email website to Gmail chat with their other friends who have gmail. They use IM programs. They use Facebook, myspace and Twitter to communicate with known and unknown people.

Gmail Chat history is stored by Gmail. It is present in the individual chats of person. You can click on the contact to view the chat you had.

You can easily get out of a group chat on Google talk. You can also remove your friends from contact list. Just hower over it and click delete.

Gmail account is not of 1 but many uses. You can send and receive mails on it. You can chat to your friends on it. You can send music and attachments also on it.

Chatting on Gmail is done through their IM. The name of IM of Google is Google Hangouts. It can be used for chatting to friends or groups.

You can send a request to a person to join in your contacts. If the person has accepted it, he/she might appear in your chat list. You can then easily chat with them.

instant messenger and gmail can not chat between them yet h

No, you can't see facebook Chat text in Gmail. Gmail is a mailing service only. Thus it cannot link Facebook chat with it.

Gmail has no chat rooms like yahoo did. It can have simple group chat only. The group chat is also created by a single person.

You cant do animals on gmail chat but if you just send a message you can by clicking the face

In Gmail, there are no chat rooms but there are groups. A person can create a group and then chat. Anyone is able to reply in that group.

Yes.Chatting on gmail or gtalk is free.

Gmail does not have chat rooms like Yahoo. It has single to single chat system. You can however create custom groups on it.

Video chat on Gmail is legal. You can do it via Gmail chat or Gtalk. Hangouts is the latest name of the chatting system.

To group chat, when you are chatting with someone, press "options". Also, there is a button that says "group chat". Then you type in the third persons' gmail address.

Voice chat costs in Gmail your credits. You can add credits worth money to your account. Video chat can be free of cost.

You can chat to different people on Gmail. This can be done by clicking of each contact you want to chat with. The people with whom you can chat are in the left pane of the page.

You can easily video chat on a PC on Gmail. The video chat option is available on opening the chat of person. The video sign is the one which can make the video chat start.

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