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Well you could either screw it, weld it or Sand cast it.

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3 ways to join a CD sentence?

you can use CD,and / Cd;thus / or CD, so to join a CD sentence

What are the many different ways elements on the periodic table are classified?

1.metals, semi-metals, non metals 2.Solid, liquid, gas 3.Conductors Semi-conductors Insulators

What are general ways of extracting metals from its ore?

1. High Temperatures 2. Solutions3. Electricity

Differentiate metals to non-metals?

There are a number of ways in which a metal can be differientiate a metal from a non-metals, these involve contrasting the properties between metals and non-metals and testing them to distinguish them from one another. Some contrasting properties between metals and non-metals: 1.) Metals conduct electricity whereas non-metals do not. 2.) Metals are shiny whereas non-metals are not. 3.) Metals are malleable whereas non-metals are brittle. 4.) Metals often have a higher boiling/melting point than non-metals. 4.) Metals are hard whereas non metals are not.

What are the 3 types of elements?

Metals, non-metals and transition metals.

What are the 3 categories metals go into?

Metals, Non-metals and Metaloids

Properties of metals include?

What are the 3 properties of metals?

What are the 3 division of elemens in periodic table?

there is the metals, non-metals and the semi-metals

Why did Thomas Jefferson list the ways why king George the 3 had violated the rights of colonies?

Thomas Jefferson was listing the ways that King George had violated the rights of Americans to convince them to join the patriots.

What are 3 metals attracted to magnets?

The 3 metals attracted to magnets are : Iron Nickel & Cobalt

3 groups of metals?

Alkali earthmetals.metalloids and non metals.

What are the metals in families 3 to 12 called?

The transitional metals.

How do you extract gold from a mixture of metals and chemicals?

In several ways, one - to dissolve base metals with 20% nitric acid, then dissolve noble metals with hot aqua regia, which is a solution of 3 parts hydrochloric acid and 1 part nitric acid. Then, selective precipitation of gold

Describe three ways in which proteins may become denatured?

1) pH Change; 2)Temperature Change; 3)Instance of heavy metals;

What are the 3 main groups of metal?

The alkali metals, alkali earth metals, and transition metals.

Two ways organisms join a population?

There are 4 factors that affect the size of a population:1) Natality - birth2) Mortality - death3) Immigration - migration into the population4) Emigration - migration out of itTherefore the 2 ways organisms can join a population would be Natality and Immigration.

What column is transition metals found in?

Transition metals are placed in groups 3 to 12.

What are 3 ferrous metals?

there are various ferrous metals but the three main ferrous metals are: 1. pig iron 2. cast iron 3. steel

What are 3 advantages of metals?

Strength, Endurance, and with some metals: Flexibility

What are the metals in group 3-12 called?

Transition Metals

What are the 3 sections of the periodic table?

metals, metalloids and non-metals

What are the 3 general groups of elements?

metals, non-metals, and metaloids

Group 3-12 contain metals known as?

elements in groups 3-12 are transition metals

What metals are not magnetic?

most metals are magnetic but only 3 metals are purely magnetic these are iron, nickel and cobalt

How do you get fast and easy gold in AQW?

There are 2 ways i know.You can /join Dwakel and accept the first 3 quests of Taravya.You can also /join Portalundead and do the quest fire gem and it will give you the staff "burn it down" and sell it for 12.5k.