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How do you join the army?

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Look in the Yellow Pages (or on the internet) for "Army Recruiter" -- then call to speak to one.
to be an army you must strong, smart and know how to make the best and the fastest decision.... and must sacrifice your life for the country... u also need to be ready whenever the war will happen

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Can you join the army if you have herpes?

You can join the army if you have herpes.

Can you join the US army with herpes?

You can join the army if you have herpes.

Can you join the army if you are bankrupt?

can you join the Army if you have ben made Bankrupt

When was Join the Army created?

Join the Army was created in 1987-01.

Can girls join the Pakistan army?

Yes, girls can join the army!!

You are now 26 years old can you join Indian army?

You may not be able to join the regular Indian Army, but you can join the territorial army wing of the Indian Army

Why do children join the army?

Children do not join the US Army. There is an exception for someone 17.5 years old to join the Army, with parental consent.

Can you join the US army if you have genital warts?

Yes you still can join the army.

If you are in cadets do you have to join the army in the future?

Short answer, No you do not have to join the army after you finish cadets.

Is 36 too old to join the army?

No, you can still join the Army at 36

How old do you have to be to go to the army?

18 to join the army.17 to join the navy

Should you join the Canadian army or the british army?

Inorder to join either army you must be a valid citizen

What year did women in Canada get to join the army?

Women were always allowed to join the army and be involved in the Canadian army.

How do you tell your mom your want to join the army?

Hey Mom, I want to join the Army.

How to join Indian Army after 12th?

can i join Indian army after completing 12th education

Can you join the army if you have a civil warrant?

No. You cannot join the Army with any pending warrants.

If You are 160cm tall can you join the Indian army?

my hight 160 cm can i join army

Can Midgets Join The Army?

Minimum height to join the US Army is 60" (5').

How do you join Indian army as a doctor?

You can join Indian Army as a doctor. For this you must apply for it.

Why do you want to join Indian army as an engineer?

s i want yo join in indian army ts my life ambition bcz to be proud in join as indian army

Can MBA students join Pakistan army?

Yes MBA students can join army through army education core

How do you be in the army?

You volunteer (you enlist or join the Army).

Why did Jackie Robinson join theus army?

Jackie Robinson did not Join the army he was drafted in 1942.

What did you have to join the Roman army?

To join the Roman army you had to enlist, be freeborn, and be physically and mentally fit.

How old did you have to be to join the land army?

The minimum age to join the women's Land Army was 17.