How do you judge a cheerleading competition?

i believe that you would judge it with fairness of course, but also with kindness. don't ever laugh at the person you're judging.

To add to that point and get into the specifics of judging cheerleading there are multiple categories. A routine can earn up to 15 points in the areas of jumps, stunts, tumbling, and overall. A team earns these points based on the execution and degree of difficulty. The categories continue and teams earn up to 5 points in other categories such as difficulty, choroeography and transitions. It is a complicated system but as time goes by and you compete or judge you become aware of the difference between exceptional routines and spectacular ones.

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u jugde by tightness in legs and arms. and in facials and ur timing and ur effort. trust me ive been in cheerleading for 6 yrs.

tigtnesss and if u keep ur eyes on the flyer