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How do you just forget about a guy?


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The best way I have found to forget about a girl and I imagine it is the same way to forget a guy is to find another one. Works for me


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Maybe the guy still loves the person.

just forget about him pretend he is not even there

Get over yourself and just forget about him. Worrying gives you wrinkles at an early age. Just get another guy and just forget about him.

Guy Forget was born on January 4, 1965.

Just move on and forget about him. If he doesn't like you, he is not good for you at all!

just forget we know love hurts but someday u will find the perfect guy for u hope u do too

Look You just need to forget him get yourself anther guy there are plenty of fish in the sea. You never know a guy might be waiting for you

is really hard because if you like a guy and you want to forget him.... this past few weeks i been forgetin about a guy...... you just have to look for a new one about think in things that you like ...dont think in him.... and be with your friend more time times an

If you are not homosexual then forget about it and drop it from your memory. It is just a dream.

You just let him know how you feel and if that does not work then you just forget him! He ain't worth it if he cant like you

Guy Forget is 52 years old (birthdate: January 4, 1965).

just movee on! --------------------------------------- Just get of his sack! he was just flirting, its not like it means anything! he forgot about you so you need to forget about him.

Just forget about him and find another boy to fall in love with and by that time,you would have forgotten all about the other guy.

Well just be nice to the guy not too much just as a friend then the rest will come do not worry about the other girl just do not forget it all takes time.

they will just ignore you and sometimes they just dont talk to you and they will just be realy mean to .you i got in that mess too.if they ignor you just forget them.

do you like him ,if you do just wait for him if not then tell him to forget it

If you ask a guy if he likes you and he says no then just forget about him. If he changes his feelings for him then consider liking him again.

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just go out with another guy and then just forget about him. But if u dont kiss them then they are going to thing that ur just friends.

you should forget the guy and move on (don't waste time on guys) you should forget the guy and move on (don't waste time on guys)

just forget about him live yourlife because you both cant go with him.

Just act cool or make a joke, change the topic and try to forget about it.

ANSWER:Just forget it and move on find a another great guy with a good personality and it doesnt what he look just go for it and make sure that he/she like u bak....!!!i have been through this i loved this guyfor 2 years and i regret it cause i kept loving after he said he didn't like me FORGET HIM I KNOW IT IS DIFFICULT AND THAT GUY IS A JERK

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