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You have to keep the action replay code all shiny Pokemon activated or else you can not keep youre shiny Pokemon.

You have to keep the action replay code all shiny Pokemon activated or else you can not keep youre shiny Pokemon.


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check on youtube for this. they always have tons of action replay codes

When you load up action replay, uncheck the box for the shiny Pokemon code before starting the game.

You can catch shiny Pokemon by using pokeradar or A.R (ACTION REPLAY) you can see it in youtube how they do it.

You can only do that by using Action Replay, Sorry.

By using a cheat device, such as an action replay.

If your saying shiny you can get a shiny by using the pokeradar and getting a chain of 40 or you can use an action replay

The only way do do that is by using Action Replay this is a lie

my guess is, using both the wild Pokemon modifyer code + the shiny wild Pokemon code hope it helps

By either being very lucky or cheating using a Action Replay.

Sadly no, but u can try using an Action Replay to capture a Shiny Darkrai, All You Have to do is just download the Action Replay software.

You can get one by using an Action Replay, because it is extremely rare to catch Kyogre in it's shiny form in the wild.

if your using ar it isn't legit if u caught it w/t out teaching

I don't know, but i will trade you my genuine Pokemon ranch mew for a shiny gardevoir or froslass.

Yes, shiny Pokémon stay shiny after evolving, as long as it is a legitimately caught Pokémon (e.g. not caught by using codes or Action Replay), and usually even then.

the code for to get shiney Pokemon on action replay is on this site www.Pokemon. that's how i did it! it will say Nintendo ds click it and go to hacks and tha daa!


You can cheat using action replay or there will just be a 1/10000000 chance of running into one in the wild.

Yeah. In Diamond/Pearl, if you use a Honey on a tree, there's a small chance you can find a Shiny Pokemon, usually Pikachu if nothing else. Go Pokemon! Pokemaster95

(if you mean pearl) using action replay (if you mean pearl) using action replay

No, sadly you cant stop a roaming Pokemon with an action replay.

either using action replay or not being a cheat and playing the game, not using action replay!

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