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How do you keep a baby mouse warm?

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Baby mice sleep a lot to keep their bodies worm. But you can wrap it in a blanket so it doesn't lose body temperature

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Can you give abandon baby mice baths?

I would never bath a baby mouse personally. If you keep it you can try it with mildly warm water when it is mature.

Can a baby mouse have water?

yes, a baby mouse can have water because when you raise them you give them warm milk and your supposed to mix water with the milk.

How do you keep a baby bird warm?

I found a baby blackbird and what i did to keep it warm was to put it into cotton wool then put it in your bra so your body heat keeps it warm.

What do toucans do to baby toucans?

they keep the baby toucans warm

Your mouse had babies and its covering them up what do you do?

she is doing that to keep them warm... Dont do anything.. let the mouse do what it is doing.

How does a female penguin keep their baby warm?

First of all the male keeps the baby penguin warm. and all the male penguin huddle together to keep there baby's warm.

What kind of environment should a baby abandoned mouse stay in?

WHAT ENVIORMENT SHOULD A BABY MOUSE STAY IN? I found a baby mouse the other day on my porch. I have a little fishtank that is empty. It has a built in light and gravel. The mouse is teeny! During the day, I keep the light on to keep it warm....... even though it acts like it doesn't like it. But at night, I turn it off. Mice DO like the dark. If it gets cold, it'll bury itself in the gravel... if it is a mouse and has that instinct. By the way, I named him Robert- Bob for short. : )

Why do cats heat?

Well to keep their baby warm if it is having a baby but if not then to kepp it`s self warm!

Why does a mouse have thick covering of fur?

To reduce heat loss and to keep warm. :)

Why does a kangaroo carry its baby in a pouch?

to keep the baby kangaroo safe and warm

How do you keep a baby duck egg warm?

An incubator.

What do you put a baby mouse in?

If you have a baby mouse, dont put in a bathtub. Put it somewhere safe like maybe back outside. If you continue to keep this baby mouse, though, try a shoebox with tissues. That way the mouse can eat the tissues and have a comfy bed.

How do I protect baby chicks?

Keep them in a place where nothing can get in to them and keep them warm and dry.

Why do penguins keep their eggs warm?

They want to keep the baby penguin that's in it warm and if it gets too cold it will die!

What do you do if you found a injured baby mouse?

keep it warm with leaves and grass don't dive it cheese they like guiney pig food better give it a drink now and again and REMEMBER TO KEEP IT AWAY FROM CATS AND FOXES

How do baby penguins keep warm?

the fathers all huddle together and all of the baby penguin huddle in the middle so they are warm

How do you keep baby eggs warm?

Penguin baby eggs are kept warm by the father while the mother looks more food

What do you do if your mouse is congested?

Try and keep him very warm. Make sure it has plenty of water.

How do you care for a newborn mouse with no mother?

You can feed it puppy formula and keep it warm,but not overheat!

How do you keep your baby rabbits warm when they are outside?

bundle them up in a blanket or baby clothes!

How long will a baby mouse whose eyes aren't open yet live if they don't eat?

maybe a week (but to keep it alive you need to feed it warm milk from a small tube

How do you save a baby egg?

keep it warm and safe I guess

What do you have to do to care for newborn baby kittens?

stamp on them to keep them warm

How do I look after a wild baby mouse that has just been attacked and appears to have no external injuries?

keep it in a very warm environment, keep an eye out for any blood in its stool, and feed it baby soy formula every 3-4 hours during the day and twice during the night

What is the term for a baby mouse?

baby mouse.