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Unfortunately if that option ever comes up for her she is the only one that can make the choice not to cheat - you cannot control her feelings or decisions. While dating her be yourself, be attentive to both your needs, treat her with respect as she should you, be trustworthy, loyal and always keep your lines of communication open. There is no room for games, negative jealousy, controlling, verbal or physical abuse, blame placing, ignorance or petty behaviour.

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Don't be too clingy, yet prove to her that you love her and that are and will be faithful. If you are good to her, she will be good to you. If you do her wrong...She will most likely do the same. IF you treat her the way you should, and she still cheats...Apparently she's not the woman you thought she was, and you deserve better! =)

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You can't either he has a perfect marriage, or not so good marriage. No one can prevent men to cheat. If and when they want to they will do it and their excuse will be, " my wife is not meeting my needs anymore" or she is always busy and no time for me. And if you believe this one thing you need to do especially if the two of you have children, tell him for one week it will be you who's going to leave the house and stay the lenght hours that he use each day. Give him all the list of choirs that you do in the house from the start of a day till it gets dark. And you can also suggest what you wanted for dinner when you get home. When it comes to your children, make a list of what they needs, and what time they need to be pick up from school if your children are in school.

I know there will be tons of thing a wife do each day, so be busy on telling him what you do every single day and why you don't have anymore strength when it comes to having sex with him at the end of the evening. And don't forget to remind him that you kinda expect him to look pretty for you when you get home after being gone in a day. The end...oh by the way this is my opinion.

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well if you find out that he is cheating you tell him MAYBE this is not going to workout and you still love him and make him beg

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Q: How do you keep a girl from cheating?
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