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licking him

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Q: How do you keep a lizard warm during a blackout?
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Do you need to keep lizard eggs warm?


How do i keep my pet lizard warm?

put em' under a lamp(:

Can you keep an armadillo lizard in a warm humid climate?

Yes it can if it had the esential things

What can keep lizard eggs alive?

Well, you HAVE to put them in an incubator or they won't survive. An incubator keeps them warm, I suppose that you could MAYBE do something to keep them warm, but I doubt it.

What happens to a hamster when it is not active?

it can die so you have to keep it warm during winter it can die so you have to keep it warm during winter

Can a blanket keep a lizard warm?

partially because it just blocks out some of the cold. remember that the lizard is cold-blooded so it still stays cold.

Why do you wear woolens during winter?

To keep warm

How did people keep warm during the ice age?

the answer is the wooly mammoths they killed to get warm and stay warm

What is the family life of a lizard?

It depends on what type of lizard you are talking about but some lizards such as five lined skinks will warm their body in the sun and then wrap their body around the eggs to keep them warm. They have also been known to feed insects to their baby's.

How do Budgerigars keep warm in winter?

Their down feathers keep them warm during winter. The heat gets trapped in the feathers, therefore keeping them warm.

How do penguins keep themselves warm during the cold weathers?

They huddle together to get warm.

How do black bears keep warm?

black bears keep warm by their fur and getting into a tight ball during the winter

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