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How do you keep a relationship between an evangelist and A Lutheran?



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Two people can have different religious beliefs (even be married) and still get along. I'm a Christian (Protestant) and my husband is an Agnostic (believes only in a Supreme Being.) I don't try to push my beliefs off on him and he doesn't push his on me. Like politics, religion is a very opinionated subject and should be treated with the utmost care and concern regarding offending another person. If you both go to church then one can go to theirs and the mate can go to their own, or, out of respect (you don't have to be a firm believer) go along with your mate to their church and he/she will do the same for you. You could alternate Sundays. Other than this the two of you should be getting on with your lives and like most of us with a religious background should live life with love, caring for our fellow man and doing the right thing (all religions believe in this part) but other than that there should be no discussion of what you or your mate believe in religious wise.