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Make sure you have lot's of money to spend on her.

The image you presented to her, keep it up. Don't let yourself go just because you get comfortable with each other. When you get cozy all of a sudden you start burping, etc around her, that you shouldn't do. Women do not like all that man noise. If you shave stuff, keep it up. If you smell good, keep it going. She liked what she saw in the beginning and she should like it til the end.

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Q: How do you keep a woman attracted to you?
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Are woman attracted to men who can dance?

Some are, some aren't. It's different for every woman and who they are attracted to.

Are spiders attracted to pigs?

Yes Spiders are attracted to spiders like i'm attracted to woman

What is a gay woman?

A gay woman is a woman who is attracted to members of the same sex.

How do you know when a woman is attracted to you?

They will like you

Why women attracted easily to a man?

Women should really be attracted to man. A woman should not be attracted to another woman.(lesbian)TheSame thing as a man should not be attracted to another man.(gay/homosexual). Why are women attracted to man. Because, it is most likely for a man to meet the emotional needs of a woman. Although most of the times it leads to deeper relationships.

Can a woman be sexually attracted to another woman?

Yes, some women are sexually attracted to other women. Homosexuality is a sexual orientation in which a person is attracted to people of the same sex. Bisexuality is a sexual orientation in which someone is attracted to both males and females.

If a black woman is not attracted to black men should she just stop dating altogether?

NO! There is no reason that this woman should try to date whomever she is attracted to.

What makes a woman a lesbian?

A woman who is not sexually/physically attracted to men, but is sexually/physically attracted to women, is a lesbian.

Does it make you gay if your attracted to a woman?

not if your a guy

Can a man be attracted to woman but not be sexually attracted to her?

Yes, of course, Attraction denotes liking something. You can be socially attracted, and so on. You could aspire to her this could also mean you are attracted to her.

Could a gay man be sexually compatible with an extremely Butch woman?

No. A gay man is, by definition, a man who is attracted to other men. A butch woman, no matter how butch, is still a woman.However, If there is a man who seems gay and is attracted to a butch woman, he would be considered bisexual, and a bisexual or straight man could definitely be attracted to a butch woman.

Why might a man be attracted to a woman who is racist against his people?

A man might be attracted to a woman who is racist against his people because he finds other traits in her that he likes.

How do you tell a Indian woman is attracted to you?

go out with her friend

What do you call someone who is not attracted to men or woman?


How do you know when your wife is attracted to woman?

when she avoids your penis

If you're a woman and you're attractive to another woman. Should you tell her?

If she's straight, then no. If you do tell her it will only negatively affect whatever relationship you have. There is nothing you could do to get her to be attracted to you, so it's best you just keep it to yourself.

How do you make a younger shy virgin girl who's a friend attracted to you?

Heres the deal. When a man loves a woman, it is a reflection of how he feels about her. When a woman loves a man, it is a reflection of how she feels about herself when she is with him. Keep this always in mind. Its all about her.

What are lesbians attracted to in another woman?

Every person is different so each one is attracted to different things.

If a woman swallows or drinks semen will the woman be more drawn and attracted to that man?

Is this a real question...

How do you know if a younger woman is attracted to you?

You now when someone likes you when someone like you because the say they hate you and they keep messing with you like bumping into you huh leave me alone

Why would a Cancer man be attracted to Aquarius woman?

A Cancer would be attracted to an Aquarius because they admirer the aquarius's personality.

What job is Cristiano Ronaldo attracted to in woman?

exotic dancer

How do you make men attracted to you?

The best way you can try to make men attracted to you is to be yourself. Most men like and are attracted to a confident woman, one who knows where she is headed in life.

Can a man be physically attracted to a woman for sex but not enough physically attracted to her for a relationship?

Men are easily physically attracted to women its the way they are designed its hader for them to commit to a person then to a sex act.

Why are woman attracted to men with head lice?

woman arent, lice are attracted to them cause most girls wash there hair more then guys, its easier for lice to hop in some CLEAnn hairr. mmkayyy.