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by using salt water pool

bee will go to salt pools as well. I am having this problem.

give the bees a closer, to there hive, source of water

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Q: How do you keep bees away from a pool?
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How do you keep bees away from pools?

The first thing to do is to remove the bees nest if possible. Put out bee or wasp traps far away from the pool to divert their attention.

Does ammonia keep bees away?

Ammonia will not keep bees away or kill them. If you have a problem with bees on your property, contact a pest control company.

Will incense keep bees away?

Regular incense will not keep bees away. However, there are some types of incense especially made just to repel bees.

How do you keep bees away from flowering plants?

Netting will physically keep them away, but if they are outside nothing will really keep them from hovering don't want to keep bees away, they help your plants

How do you keep sweat bees out of your pool?

You just keep getting them out with a net, and or put chlorine in your pool and wait and see what happens

What smells keep bees away?

It is said that lemon scented Pledge will keep bees away from you as well as lemon grass essential oil.

Do bees keep away mosquitoes?

I'm afraid not. Bees have nothing to do with mosquitoes.

How do you keep bees away from picnic food?

One way to keep bees away from picnic food is by putting out bee traps around the area. Keep food covered and put away food right away.

Does salami keep bees away and why?

Salami is known to keep bees away if put into a bottle mixed with soapy water. The mix of salami and soapy water contains ingredients that are not favorable to bees.

How do you keep bees away from bird baths?


Will the smell of bleach keep bees away?


Is there anything that will keep bees away?

all i know is that bees like the color yellow.

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How do you keep sweat bees away from your pool?

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