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Try squeezing all of the air out of the bottle before screwing the lid on tight. It works well for me. It will stay fizzy until the last drop.

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What are the bubbles in coke made of?

Soda bubbles are carbon dioxide bubbles.

How do bubbles get into coke?

because there is sope

What will evaporate first coke orange juice or water?

coke because of the bubbles in it

Why do some of the coke bubbles seem to stream from one point?

It could also be the small bits of coke flying away from the exploding bubbles.

What make more bubbles Diet Coke or sprite?

Diet coke. There's extra bubbles so you don't notice it has less taste.

Does Diet Coke have more bubbles in it than coke sprite and caffeine free coke?

No, it does'nt. Infact Diet Coke has less "bubbles" or carbonation in it the regular coke. this is because when they create the Diet factor in coke the soulution is less reactent to sugars and calories creating less carbonation

When you pour coke in to a glass why is there bubbles bubbling in one point?

If there is bubbles in a glass of coke when it is poured, it is from carbonation. Carbonation is the release of pressure from a closed bottle.

Why does Diet Coke have less bubbles than normal coke?

because there is a lot less carbon dioxide in diet coke

What happens when you put a mento in coke?

the mento makes the coke fizz up and an explosion of the coke bubbles go up

How many bubbles are there in a can of coke?

Apparently 18.9 million

Why does an Oreo cookie float in Coke?

There is more than one reason. First of all, Coke is carbonated so the bubbles keep the Oreo up. Another reason is that Oreo cookies have a lower density than coke making it have the ability to float.

What happens if we boil a coke?

If you boil a coke, it will get hot and explode. If the coke container is open, it will get hot and lose all of its carbonation bubbles.

Why does a rose last longer in Coke?

Why doesn't a rose last longer in coke? Figure that out and you will have your answer.

Does coke a cola contain carbon dioxide?

yes, that is what the bubbles are

Which drink will evaporate the fastest water orange juice coke or milk?

i think it will be coke b/c it has bubbles in it

What things can be added to water to make bubbles last longer?

If you have stronger soap, your bubbles will last longer.

Why do bubbles last longer in hot water?

Bubbles last longer in cool water because the cold water doesn't take energy from the bubbles

How does Mentos and coke make a reaction?

The mentos reacts with the coke and fizzes.It also makes lots of bubbles and BOOMS out of the bottle.

How do you make bubbles last longer?

you make bubbles last longer by putting corn syrup or glycerin into the bubble solution.

Why do bubbles from a coke go away when you stick your finger in the glass?

Oils on your hand reduce the surface tension causing the bubbles to pop

How is coke made of microscopic parts?

i have no idea its made out because it makes bubbles

Why does coke make you burp more?

Coke has air bubbles. The air bubbles enter the stomach, and as the gas builds up, a belch will erupt. Drinking lots of Coke might increase your chances of belching, but may make you fart, pass gass, or have small, foul-tasting burps.

Does snorting coke help you last longer in bed?

Snorting Coke is not good for anything! Coke is for losers. If you want to last longer in bed masturbate before you go out on a date!

Does coke acid make the coke fizz?

If you shake the can then it wont only fizz and sizzle but explode because the citric acid will make the bubbles with the other ingredients will make CO2 and the solution will have no where to go but explode with a million bubbles coming out the can.

Does temperature affect the soap bubbles?

Yes, the colder the temp, the longer the bubbles last.