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How do you keep cats away from your house?

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I think if you put crushed garlics into your watering can, then water around the edges of your garden, then this scent will deter your feline pests.

We use to 1/2 FILL A CLEAR bottle with water and lay them around the house about 50 meters apart cat's will approach it but never come back. Something to do with seeing there reflection in the bottle but i really don't know, but failing that you can take a dead starfish from the beach and they smell the ammonia coming from it and take off

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Does vinegar keep cats away?

Cats do not like the smell of vinegar. Vinegar is a repellent to keep cats out of your yard, and away from your tires.

What smells do cats hate?

Citrus is supposed to repel most cats. If they are messing with house plants, orange peels are supposed to keep them away.

How can I Keep 20 cats in a house (This is stupid)?

just close the doors and windows

Can you use Clorox to keep away cats?

You should not use Clorox or any type of bleach to keep cats away. Clorox and bleach are poisonous and can kill the cats.

Do cats in the house keep away snakes?

It depends how big the snakes are.Actually, Cats in the house may or may not keep away snakes. It depends whether your cats are afraid of them or not. Sometimes, if cats are allowed outside, they attack snakes and bite them. Then, they may carry them to your door as a gift. But, the question is pretty obvious, because how could the cat know where the snake is, if its inside? Anyways, a snake wouldn't be able to see the cat from outside.

How can you keep cats away from birds?

Unless you keep the cat indoors at all times, you cannot keep them away from birds. Cats have a natural instinct to hunt. You can't really combat this.

Will cats keep rats away?

Yes as long as they chase mice they will chase & keep rats away

Do cats keep snakes away?

Cats are very effective at keeping snakes away. It is believed that snakes can smell the cat and will stay away.

Do mothballs keep cats away?

no unless they eat them

How does vodka keep cats out of my garden?

I have never heard of that, but citrus peel tends to keep cats away, they hate it with a vengence

What does vinegar do to keep stray cats away?

vinegar will take the oder away from a male cat spraying the house ect.... and teach them not to spray the area again your welcome heather

How do you keep cats not pee around the house?


What animals keep mice away?

cats and birds and snakes

Does coyote urine keep cats away from a yard?


How do you keep cats away from orchids?

by not bringing it near the orchids

Why are cats important farm animal?

They can keep mice away

What can you use to keep cats away from your house?

Try vinegar or chilli sauce. Anything with a strong smell really, because cat's noses are sensitive.

How do you keep mice away from pool?

Mice are afraid of Cats. This is common knowledge. Therefore if you wish to keep mice away from your pool, simply fill it cats. Simple, but effective solution.

What eats house-cats?

Coyotes and foxes and bigger dogs and owls can carry away kittens.

Do moth balls keep stray cats away?

Moth balls are POISONOUS to cats! Bad idea!

Can cats get feline leukemia from other cats in the house?

Yes, through transfer of saliva or nasal secretions. So keep them away from each other because they will clean each other and infect each other.

Will red pepper harm the plants in your garden if you sprinkle it on and around the plants to keep the cats and dogs away?

Red pepper should not harm plants in your garden if you sprinkle it around the plants to keep the cats and dogs away. However I would keep it away from the leaves and petals.

How do you keep lizard away?

acctually keep them they keep away bugs by eating them i have one to and never have bugs near my house

How do you stop cats from pooping in your yard don't have a dog?

keep it in the house

What type of animals do you keep in your house?

Cats and dogs, sometimes fish.