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Swamp cooler, fans, ceiling fans.

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Q: How do you keep cool without air conditioning in a house?
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What other thing apart form air conditioning could be done to keep a house cool?

Dry Ice

Is air conditioning to keep you warm or cool?

It keeps you cool, and heating is to keep you warm.

Merits and demerits of air conditioning system?

Air conditioning can make someone's power bill become higher and the units can be costly. Though they keep the house cool and those in it comfortable.

How does a bunny keep cool on a hot day?

Hare Conditioning

Where can one obtain a house fan?

A house fan can keep a home comfortable for less than the cost of air conditioning. Whole house fans can be found at Fan Man, Quiet Cool Fan, and Whole House Fan.

What are some ways that one can keep cool without air conditioning?

One way is to drink more water. Your body will feel cooler as long as you are hydrated.

How do you keep your cool?

By turning on the air conditioning. Or opening a window. Or parking in the shade.

Why do houses have insulation?

Houses need insulation to keep indoor temperature manageable. Without it, the heat or cool air conditioning a home owner puts inside will not be contained.

How do you keep your car cool?

By turning on the air conditioning. Or opening a window. Or parking in the shade.

Staying Cool Without Air Conditioning?

While many enjoy the warm sunny days of summertime, most people will tell you they also enjoy escaping the heat of the season from time to time inside homes cooled with air conditioning. That being said, there are a lot of people who do not have air conditioning inside their homes for various reasons. Often those reasons include affordability of the resulting electric bill or affordability of the units themselves. If air conditioning in the home is not a current option, there are several ways to stay cool during the heat of the summer months.While opening windows is a good idea, there are a couple of things to consider in order to maximize the cool air that comes at night and early in the mornings. Ideally, the windows should be opened in a home without air conditioning anytime there is a breeze to help move the air inside the house. Breeze or not, the windows should be opened in the evenings when the sun goes down and the air begins to cool off. Leaving the windows open all night to the cooler air will help bring the temperature down inside the house. Without air conditioning, it is a good idea to trap the cooler night and early morning air in the house before the sun heats up the day.Other methods of keeping a home cool without the benefit of air conditioning include proper window coverings that will block the hot sun and therefore keep out the heat. Heavy curtains closed in the mornings against the sun’s hot rays and left closed throughout the heat of the day will help keep the indoor temperature down somewhat. If there are no heavy curtains available, putting up blankets or quilts will also do the trick to block the heat.Lastly, a good tip for staying cool inside a home without air conditioning is to keep the body itself cool. Wear as little clothing as possible, no shoes or socks and keep activity to a minimum. Fans aimed at the body will keep the air flowing and help keep the temperature down. Drink lots of cool water and even dampen the body while the fan air is blowing.

The air conditioner was develop by Willis Carrier in 1902 Its original purpose was not to cool homes What was its purpose?

The original purpose of air conditioning is the same as it's purpose today, which is to keep people and animals cool. Without air conditioning, the population of many Southern states would be much smaller.

Is it more efficient to keep your home at a steady temperature?

For air conditioning yes. As long as your set temperature is between 76 and 80 degrees. This is also assuming that your equipment is working properly. It is definitely cheaper to keep a house cool than it is to pull a house down from a higher temperature.