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set out traps or poison but don't do it that's mean you could put up a fence or some sort of barrier like boulders around the patio that they can't climb through or over

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no way you can do that. then make them never see it.

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Q: How do you keep lizards from eating potted plants on patio?
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The word 'potted' is the past participle, past tense of the verb to pot. The past participle of the verb also functions as an adjective.Example uses:The trees were potted in a row of concrete containers. (verb)The patio was lined with potted begonias. (adjective)

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Patio Design Ideas?

The patio is a place where families and guests can sit and enjoy the outdoors while engaging in pleasant conversation. In order to make the patio a great place to sit and enjoy the fresh air, it is important to design it in a way that is efficient and adds to the natural look of the outdoors. This guide provides patio design ideas to let you create an outdoor space for the whole family to enjoy.Potted plantsAdding plants, such as flowers, potted shrubs or an herb garden, creates a space that matches the outdoors. One reason people love to sit on the patio is to feel closer to nature. Adding plant life makes the patio blend in with its surroundings, which is makes everyone feel at ease while sitting beneath the summer sky.Check out the local garden center or Home Depot for plants. These businesses carry annuals and perennials throughout the year. Patio furnitureInstead of eating meals indoors, take dinner outside. Decorate the patio with wood or plastic patio furniture, which usually comes in sets of tables and chairs. With a glass patio table and a few cushioned chairs, everyone can enjoy meals while watching the birds soaring through the clear, blue sky. Add a BBQ grill to the mix, and dinner is easily prepared without the need to cook indoors. With the addition of the plants, the entire space is cozy and inviting.Tiki torches and lightingInclude a few Tiki torches around the patio, and watch how a standard night outdoors transforms into a warm, tropical setting. The addition of deck lights creates a soft glow around the entire space, which creates an inviting space that no one wants to leave. Either type of lighting adds a special touch, and creates a pleasant ambiance for quiet evenings with someone special or a small gathering of friends.By adding a few plants and shrubs, a BBQ grill and patio furniture, as well as Tiki torches and deck lights, anyone is able to convert a plain, empty patio into an attractive addition to the home.

Can you build an all weather patio garden?

If you want your patio garden to be all-weather suitable, you need to make sure you have the right types of plants that go in the garden. You can ask about it at any store that you go to buy the garden plants.

Landscape Deck and Patio Spaces Like a Pro?

A little forethought can turn your deck or patio from a disorganized mess into a functional outdoor space. Begin by choosing a focal point. This can either be a natural element such as a water feature or old growth tree, or, for a backyard deck, a man-made focal point such as a fire pit. Arrange your patio furniture around the focal point. Mix natural elements into the design by adding potted plants, small shrubs, or architectural stones around the space. Finish the design with accent lighting from a few well-placed candles or lanterns.

How can I decorate a patio nicely?

The best way to set up a patio is to provide plenty of seating, and place plants well. A simple plant in a pot will do wonders if space is limited, and unique plants can even provide an interesting conversation starter.

What should I do to my new patio?

Im always full of suggestions. You can find some new patio furniture and decorate your new patio. Possibly get some plants or other decor things of your liking. You can put a grill on your patio and invite me over for a cookout, just joking but those are some of my ideas.

Characteristics of an Interesting Garden Patio Set?

A garden patio set goes in the patio in your garden space so that you can enjoy looking at the beautiful plants that you spend time caring for and perfecting throughout the year. In order to choose the best patio set for your garden you need to think about what would blend in best with the environment. You want your patio set to be comfortable but not to overwhelm the garden, which is the focus of your attention.

What kind of plants do well in a patio garden?

I have a Bougainvillea (a vine plant with really pretty pink flowers) that does really well on my patio that is sometimes in the sun and sometimes in the shade. Even if I forget to water it, it seems to be fine!

What is a church patio?

well... i think church patios are some kind of garden in the church wherein there are many plants and has clean surroundings