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you take all the figs off the tree and replace them on the tree with lemons. squirrels do not like lemons and they will not go into the fig tree.

hi i could not ask a question through this but i wanna ask, How do u "replace figs with lemons?!"

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Where does fig grow?

Mediterranean countries, such as Greece, Libya and Italy.Keep a clean orchard by destroy fallen fruits and do not grow near citrus trees. ... Fresh figs do not keep well and can be stored in the refrigerator for longFig trees are members of the genus group of trees known as Ficus. There are two types of fig treesthe caprifig and the edible fig. Caprifig trees are all male and their fruit is inedible. There are three varieties of edible fig trees. The Smyrna variety of fig tree requires pollination to occur before it can produce fruit. If not pollinated the fruit will drop to the ground before maturing.

What are many fig trees called?

Fig trees grow in groves.

What is the duration of Fig Trees?

The duration of Fig Trees is 1.73 hours.

When was Fig Trees created?

Fig Trees was created on 2009-02-09.

How often do you have to put lime on a fig tree?

Just try to keep the lime ph at 6 to 6.5 fig trees grow the best at that level'

What is the classification for fig trees?

Fig or Ficus is of the family Moraceae.

Do fig trees grow in the rain forest?

Do fig trees grow in the rainforest? Yes they do by:Nina Shaw

Fig Trees?

form_title= Fig Trees form_header= Plant a fig tree in your home. What type of fig tree do you want to plant?*= _ [50] How big is your yard?*= _ [50] How many fig trees do you want to plant?*= {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, More than 5}

What is a fig plucker?

A fig plucker is a person who goes to the Fig orchards and picks the figs from the trees.

Is there fig trees in the Philippines?


Do fruit bats live in fig trees?

They live in the fig tree

What is a monkey interdependent with?

it is interdependent with fig trees because monkeys rely on them for food, and fig trees need them to scatter seeds.

What is ficus or balete?

They are both trees, fig trees in fact.

What trees grew in Palestine when Jesus was born?

They were fig trees,

What are fig trees good for?


What do figs grow on?

fig trees

What plants grow in Greece?

Olive trees, cherry trees, and fig trees....yum

Can horses eat fig trees?

yes ,for my opinion because monkeys ,deer Elk and including horses they eat fig trees, but it is my opinion.

Are fig trees annual or perennial?


Do fig trees grow in the rainforest?

Yes they do.

Where do fig trees grow in Australia?

in australia

What is the scientific name for a fig tree?

A fig tree is the name for a genus of trees called Ficus.

What is an Obligate pollinators?

a.Ficus (fig) trees and fig waspsb. Outcome of obligate mutualism

Where does a fig grow?

On a fig tree. Fig trees grow in dry, hot, sunny places. Usually in the Middle East and around the Mediterranean Sea.

What is the scientific name for fig trees?

Ficus carica