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Reduce air pressure until it boils at the desired temperature

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How do you keep temperature constant in an experiment?

Generally one uses a constant temperature water bath.

How does a thermostat keep temperature constant?

It is to do with ventilation, it makes the air move around the room in a circuit, passing through the vent where it is heated or cooled and put back in to the room at the constant temperature.

Why is it hard to keep these chemicals from getting into nearby water?

Because this heated water changes the temperature of the lake or river into which it is released

What is a gas that expands when heated?

Any gas will expand when heated, assuming you keep pressure constant.

What happens to gas pressure if heat is applied to the gas kept at constant temperature?

it's impossible to keep the gas at constant temperature. it's impossible to keep the gas at constant temperature.

Can guppies be kept in a 16 inch aquarium of water that isn't heated quite happily?

Depends what you mean by "isn't heated quite happily" Guppies are tropical fish and need water temps between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, 75 degrees is a happy medium for guppies. If your room temperature is a constant 75 degrees then no worries. The best thing anyone can do for their fish is to keep the water temperature constant, you don't want it going up and down even a few degrees.

Why do scientist recored a gases temperature and pressure whenever they measure the gases volume?

Because any one measurement of a gas depends on the other two. -- If you keep the pressure of a gas constant and change its temperature, the volume changes. -- If you keep the pressure of a gas constant and change its volume, the temperature changes. -- If you keep the temperature of a gas constant and change its pressure, the volume changes. -- If you keep the temperature of a gas constant and change its volume, the pressure changes. -- If you keep the volume of a gas constant and change its temperature, the pressure changes. -- If you keep the volume of a gas constant and change its pressure, the temperature changes.

What 4 things the body has too keep at a constant level?

Temperature, water content, glucose and urine levels.

How does blood keep its cool?

The water in your body gets heated, and then the heated water perspires as sweat.

What is an aquarium chiller used for?

You would use a aquarium chiller to cool the water in your aquarium for certain types of fish that need cooler water then room temperature. It helps to keep the water at a constant temperature.

Is it better to leave a water heater on or keep heating from cold?

Given that you are not changing the fluid in your water heater, and your heating source is 100% efficient, and you are paying a constant rate for your heating source, then turn off your water heater. Reason: The water in your water heater will always try to return to room temperature. The rate it returns to the room temperature is governed by the insulation around the water heater and the difference in temperature between your set point and the room temperature. So to keep the water heated to the set temperature, it requires adding the heat that passes through the insulation over time. If your water cools some amount, lets say 10 degrees, there exists a smaller temperature difference between the water temperature and the room temperature, and the cooling rate slows. This is why there is savings if you turn down your room temperature in the winter, or the water temperature.

An increase in temperature will the attenuation of a cable?

Basically we should also keep in mind knowledge about voltage and current. If we keep voltage constant then by increase in temperature also increase the attenuation, if we keep current constant then attenuation drops by increasing temperature.

How water helps an organism maintain homeostasis?

One of water's unique properties is it takes a lot of energy for it to change temperature. Water in the body allows for an organism to keep a constant temperature naturally.

What is pasterization?

pasterization is where food is heated to a certain temperature to keep it fresh.

Does a spider keep its body temperature constant?

No. A spider has no mechanism to maintain its body temperature.

Which mammal has a constant body temperature?

All mammals are classified as endotherms, which means they have some ability to keep a constant body temperature. However, endothermy is not complete, so a disease or extreme outside temperatures could overpower the mammal's ability to keep its body temperature constant.

Why are sharks constantly moving?

cause of the constant water temperature changes and that in order to stay alive they have to keep moving forward never back

How can a mammal keep its temperature constant?


Why do birds sit on their eggs during incubation?

To keep them at a constant temperature.

Does gas expand when heated?

Yes. Typically, a gas will approximately expand according to the ideal gas law; this means that if you double the temperature (expressed in kelvin), and keep the temperature constant, the volume will approximately double.

Why is it important for animals to keep a constant temperature?

It is important for animals to keep a constant temperature so that the cells are able to perform the chemical reactions that are necessary. To remain functional, the enzymes in the cells need optimal temperatures.

Why is water balance such an important in maintaining homeostasis?

water is heated or cooled inside an animal, and sweat is also a factor. Cats and lizards have vents on either side of their head to let water keep its original temperature.

What are some trivias about wahales?

Whales have the ability to stay long inside the water because they have big lungs. They also keep constant body temperature

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