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Actually, while an angel is in mortal form on earth, they can be affected by one thing: qeres. The Egyptians had a perfume called qeres that was used during mummification to provide the first 'sweet breathe' of the afterlife. Qeres is extremely rare substance because its recipe has been lost, but small amounts still exsist. this perfume is a lethal poison to an angel (fallen or otherwise), and if poured over, say, the blade of a knife, could in fact terminate an angel. While non-lethal to humans, it can burn or poison anyone who carries the Nephilitic gene. (see Genesis 6). If you are still thinking that all Nephilim died in the flood, think about Goliath, or King David's "men of great reknown". But yes, qeres can kill an angel. And no afterlife awaits them either. This isn't some role-playing B.S. or T.V. show, this is legit. Go ask your local Catholic priest if he knows what the 'Hashilim project' is, or the real reason Jews (who are the most dominant carriers of the Nephilitic gene) were exterminated. Or why most children born with synaethesia carry the gene. Or why Mengele expirimented on Hebrew twins. You may not get answers, but you will be asking the right questions...

I think the original answerer misunderstood the question, or just rather ran off on an tangent unrelated. Killing an Angel is really something that I would not recommend unless you want the wrath of God unleashed on you. The rest of the original answers, well, have fun with that.

the wrath of god is a joke Christians say to make them feel important and better than everyone else and also I'd like to remind everyone that a god has special rules that prevents them from harming a full human

I think much of the above is well-intentioned junk. One guy feels that a magic potion will certainly kill angels but is harmless to humans, though no one has done it or no evidence is supplied. Another guy thinks gods have rules about killing humans. What about the Great Flood, the Egyptian plagues, the Egyptrian Army pursuing the Israelites, or Sodom & Gomorrah? Rules, indeed!

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Q: How do you kill an angel?
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No, you cannot kill an angel.

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No you cannot kill an angel. That's because an Angel is part of God and you cannot kill God!!

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The angel of death does NOT KILL PEOPLE it takes the soul from the dying.

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yes it can.

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The Weeping Angel would die, however, please note that it is impossible to kill a weeping angel as they are a quantum being.

Can god kill a demon?

No, however god can banish a demon back to hell. God does not wish to kill or harm anything living or dead for that matter which is why he is God :). Lucifer on the other hand would love to have the opportunity however to kill an Angel, however this would be much harder because an angel would be under gods protection and could defeat satan. Angel Gabriel cast Lucifer to hell and he was only a lower class angel, a higher class angel such as a raphaim could handle Lucifer with ease.

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An angel told Joseph in a dream that Herod wanted to kill Jesus.

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Teh angel gabriel I think.

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Deuteronomy 34:5 merely states that Moses died. Perhaps it can be inferred that the Angel of Death took Moses, but there is no Jewish, Christian, or Muslim tradition that says that an angel killed Moses.

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The phrase angel of death appears in the Bible in the Book of Exodus chapter 12 verse 23. Exo 12:23 When the LORD goes through Egypt to kill the Egyptians, he will see the blood on the beams and the doorposts and will not let the Angel of Death enter your houses and kill you.

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No. There is no 'angel of death' or 'death angel' mentioned in the Bible. However when God wanted to kill a numberof people, it is recorded that he often sent an angel to perform this duty, as in 2 Kings 19.35 where an angel of the Lord smote 185 thousand Assyrians, and 1 Chronicles 21.15, where God sent an angel to destroy Jerusalem.

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When God asked Abraham to kill his son was that him or the devil trying to kill the good seed of God and did Satan come to Abraham and tell him to kill his son not God and that's why God sent an angel?

It was God, not the Satan. God was simply testing Abraham's belief in Him and never intended for the killing to actually happen, which is why He sent the angel right before Isaac would have been killed.

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