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Push it over. Or you can burn it.


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coconut tree has many uses like to kill yourself.

Boring holes and pouring acid into them.

we can get from coconut tree

The coconut tree is a plant.

The difference of mango tree and coconut tree is the mango is sweet and the coconut tree is delicious.....and the mango is yellow and no to much big and the coconut tree is green and that is big

A coconut tree is a palm tree but all palms are not coconuts.

A coconut is the seed of the coconut tree.

A coconut is the fruit of the coconut tree.

The Legend of the Coconut Tree is Philippine and it tells the story of the first coconut tree and its fruit.

Yes a coconut tree is a type of palm tree. There are many different varieties of coconut palm trees, however the widely used and known is the Malayan Coconut Palm Tree.

dead tree coconut Dede

the coconut tree is a member of the palm trees, so is the date tree.

i want to know how we plant coconut tree

the birth place of coconut tree is in Malaysia.

The top of the coconut tree is called the canopy

A coconut is a nut. The plant it grows on is a tree. A coconut palm is considered a fruit bearing tree. Coconuts are not nuts. They are fruit.

The coconut palm tree.

coconut is a fruit. It is grown on coconut tree.

how to grow coconut tree from starting

coconut tree and banana plant has the same food

coconut tree: -lumber -fruit juice -shelter -shade -refreshment

Yes coconut tree being an angiosperm bear flowers.

Yes. You can plant a coconut and make it grow. The coconut is the seed. You will have to have much patience though - it can take up to a year for them to germinate.

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