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You slap it with a flyswatter!

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sqiurt them with wasp spray that you buy.

Yes this will kill the wasps. This is a really good alternative than using poison to kill them.

Maybe because wasps have posion

yes deodorants do kill wasps but it needs to be flammable and you need a lighter and to be away from anything else flammable but there are more simpler easy ways to kill wasps

Wasps can kill people if you are allergic, but if you are not allergic it is very unlikely that they can kill you. Maybe if you are attacked by a giant nest, then it is possible for them to kill you.

Yes, if you destroy just the nest of the wasps they will survive. You will have to spray chemicals to kill the wasps.

Most roach spray (Raid for example) will kill wasps, but I don't think it will kill them as fast as wasp spray. So, the wasps may fly around mad for a while.

You can kill wasps by using a shoe or a newspaper and smack them with it to squish them. By doing this you wont have to use any chemicals.

just like bees but wasps doesnt die after their first sting

Some wasps kill and eat bugs that are harmful to people.

if the man is not well protected the it can kill it

A dragonfly can indeed kill wasps. Dragonflies eat wasps and many other small insects regularly as part of their diet.

No. Bees and Wasps are an important part of our eco system. They eventually die, anyway.

The white powder that kills wasps is called an insecticide. This insecticide is extremely powerful and will kill the wasp as soon as it comes in contact with it.

If you introduce pesticides after introducing parasitic wasps you will kill the parasites and the parasitic wasps so you will have wasted your time and money introducing the parasite wasps.

Wasps will attack honeybees, especially in late summer, to get at their honey stores in the hives.

The household items that can help kill wasps include wasp repellent sprays. You can also make a home made wasp repellent spray by mixing bleach and water in a spray bottle.

They kill flies and other small insects to feed their larvae.

they need something to eat!

If you want to keep wasps away from your fountain or other areas, you can install a wasp trap. You can also use wasp spray to kill wasps in the area.

This depends on whether or not you want to use pesticides. One effective way to kill wasps is by using Raid Wasp Killer to spray any nests you find.

no but orange juice is poisonoius to them

Wasps are not a hive living species and do not have queens.

Without going into too much detail, petrol vapour is poisonous to wasps, bees, and a lot of other insects.

Seal entry points. Solitary wasps in the home can be a nuisance; daily sightings of wasps in the home may indicate inside nest building, and more attention to the problem is required. Remove food sources. In spring and early summer, wasps are attracted to protein foods.

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