How do you kiss?

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The most common is a simple peck on the lips. Basically, you lean your head one way, and your boyfriend leans his the other way and your lips touch for a short couple seconds. If you're ready to move on from that, you can try kissing for longer periods of time, than eventually try french kissing or "making out". In this type of kissing, people often use tongue and get messy.

You can open your mouth a bit or just keep it closed. One magazine says that if boys suck on your lower lip it means that they really like you. So girls, hope for that, and guys, if you want your girl to know that you really like her, do that. If you want a kiss to be super romantic, touch a bit. Girls, touch his shoulders from the front, meaning that you bend your arms in front of you and place your hands on his shoulders and guys, hug their waist or put your hands on her shoulders or arms. Girls will like that (well, at least me).

Boys put your hands around her waist or up a bit up from her waist it will show her you like her and your not messing around. If your a girl put your hands around his neck so your hand are kind of touching just below his neck and in between his shoulders.

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Q: How do you kiss?
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