How do you kiss a pig?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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this is stupid u go up to a pig and kiss it.

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Q: How do you kiss a pig?
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How do you kiss your guinea pig?

No it might bite you.

Did Chad kiss a pig and not Sonny?

Yes, Chad kisses a pig instead of Sonny because right before they have to kiss, Marshall drops a pig on a trampoline, it bounces into Sonny's hands, so she makes the pig kiss Chad. This is ironic because right before the kiss Sonny says, "I'll kiss you for real when pigs fly." You can see this on episode 18 "Guess Who's Coming to Guest star", aka Sonny with a Chad.

What were the political overtones of Ransom?

Kiss a pig and you will know

If you kiss a pig will you get Swine Flu?

it matters if it has the swin flu

Do Sonny and chad almost kiss on Sonny With a Chance?

they did ;.) In episode 18 they nearly did but the pig stopped it!! :)

Who does it harm if you kiss your guinea pig on the lips?

It doesnt harm anyone but why would you want to make out with your pet

What episode in season 2 do sonny and chad kiss?

Uh, no. in episode 14, Chad hosts a celebrity prank show, that has nothing to do with Sonny and Chad's relationship.

Yep it is ok I kiss my guinea pig all the time.?

Of course you can kiss them! I kiss my Piggies all the time and if they could give you a terrible disease i would have it by now! Most of them don't bite either so u won't need to worry about being bitten. Just don't kiss your piggie if they seem unhappy about it or uncomfortable.

Do Sonny and Chad ever kiss?

Well not yet, even in the new episode, Sonny with a Chad, they dont kiss. They were supposed to but Chad ends up kissing a pig. (dont believe me, watch it: its on now) Anyways, they havent kissed yet but they might later on.

Where did Leonardo DiCaprio say he rather kiss a pig than a Mexican?

Leonardo DiCaprio would never say that.He's not a racist.

What are the release dates for The Porky Pig Show - 1964 Dime to Retire Bad Ol' Putty Tat Kiss Me Cat 1-14?

The Porky Pig Show - 1964 Dime to Retire Bad Ol' Putty Tat Kiss Me Cat 1-14 was released on: USA: 22 December 1964

Did a 5 year old kiss a pig is that how the swine flue started?

Yes. His mother was washing dishes down by the river and the child wandered off into the pig pen. He loved the pigs so very much. He kissed the pig and withing several days came down with a fever and cough. He told his mother what he had done, and that's how it all started.