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WHAT IS YOUR AGE. I say 10-about 13 should be TONGUELESS. Even 14 and 15 if you can help it. Oh and try to prevent "make-out sessions" if you're 1-15. Quick kisses are just as romantic and have less risks if you know what I mean...

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How do you get someone to kiss you on the lips?

Look at him/her deeply in the eyes, part your lips slightly then if he/she dosent kiss you then you kiss him/her.

How do you kiss someones lips?

If someone kiss u on lips means that person loves u?

How do you kiss someone without waking them?

kiss them softly on the lips or on the cheek

How do you kiss someone on a dare?

if it doesn't have to be lips a light peck on the cheek but if its lips just a quick kiss and no tongs!

Tips on how to be a better kisser?

When you kiss someone do not try to hard your lips should be moist who real wants to kiss someone w/dry lips right.

Where are you meant to kiss someone in primary school?


How do you know if someone wants to kiss you?

If they look at your lips, lick their lips a lot around you.

What does it mean when someone says kissable lips?

It Means That They Like Your Lips and Want A Kiss (;

Ho do you kiss someone?

You put your lips against his/her lips and just kiss. But make sure your comfortable with is and that you know its the right person and your at a right age to be able to kiss.

How do you kiss someone for 30 minutes?

You pucker your lips and hold them there!

What does it mean to kiss someone?

It means for both of your lips to meet

What does a kiss on the lips mean?

A kiss on the lips means I love you. A kiss on the hand means I adore you. A kiss on the forehead means I respect you.But kissing on the lips for a bit too long means I want to make love with you. :)This answer can vary, however in my opinion I believe that a kiss on the lips is a way of showing how much someone likes the person.

How do you kiss someone on the lips without touching the lips?

Place ur 2 thumbs on their lips and ur hands around their cheecks. Just pucker you lips. He will understand what your talking about. Then he might acctually want to kiss you :)

What is the definition of kiss?

A kiss is when lips touch someone as a sign of love, reverence, sexual desire, or greeting. A kiss when you touch something with your lips. A kiss also means to touch something gently or lightly.

How do you kiss somone?

Easy you make your lips like there a fish then you just do that to someone and that's a kiss

What does it mean when you lick your lips after you kiss someone?

you enjoyed the kiss...☺☻☺☻

How can you tell if someone wants to kiss you?

When your talking they will look at your lips or they will lick their lips or bite their lower lip.

What does it mean when someone licks their lips when your talking to them?

Especially when talking to them. Licking the lips is a sign that they want to kiss you.

How to kiss someone on the lips?

Kissing is very easy and can be very fun. You just need to pucker your lips as you touch the lips of the other person.

How do you lip lock kiss?

You lip lock kiss by putting your lips to someone else's. You stay that way until the kiss is over.

How do you kiss someone while sleeping?

Unfortunately when you are asleep you do not have control over your actions, so in order to kiss someone while asleep you would have to miraculously sleepwalk to where his/her is and accurately kiss them with your lips.However if you mean kiss them while they are sleeping, go right ahead and plant one right on his/her lips.

What does the phrase lips like sugar mean?

Your lips are really sweet and if someone who likes you says it they probably want to kiss you

How to kiss small lips if have big lips?

kiss him like any guy with normal lips

If your a girl and a boy stares at you all the time with wet lips what does that mean?

When someone licks their lips when looking or thinking of someone it usually means they want to kiss them.

How can you accidentally kiss someone?

Well there are many ways to accidently kiss someone. If you were walking fast down a hall a didn't see them and run into them your lips might touch there lips. You could be looking int your locker or cubbie aturn around or shut the door and walk into them and your lips touch. If you fall on top of them your lips might touch. Even if you go to the fair and you get on the ferris wheel and you have to sit with someone else and you stop and you slide or go forward your lips might touch. If you sit on a bench with someone someone else might slide you over into the other person and your lips might touch. There are also many many more ways for you to accidently kiss someone. I just named a few ways you might accidently kiss someone.

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