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When they are being nice to you.


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you can ask your friend whats bothering her or you can ask another friend to ask your friend whats bothering your friend

Just go up to your friend and ask him/her what happen between you to. if this does not work then your friend was not your friend to begin with. move on and find a norther friend.

Friend are our best relatives who plays an important role in our life. Friend get angry because our some fault by mistake or generally.

You don't don't, just find out what up with them. If they person is your best friend you should be asking how to NOT be angry with them.

If you really like her and you know your best friend will understand say yes' but if you don't like her or you think your best friend will get angry say no

In islam firstly it is said that there should be patience .To make a friend angry is not right in islam

Message her/him and tell your friend that you're sorry for whatever you did. It gets annoying and frustrating to keep asking them 'what did I do?' if they win't tell you. Maybe it's not you?

All friends have the odd time they either get on each others nerves or they are angry with them. The best thing to do is step back and give yourself some time to cool off before you make the mistake of saying some cruel or angry comments to your friend that you may regret. Once you have cooled off then talk to your friend and let them know how you feel without getting angry at them.

It means that they may be angry with you or are not truly your friend.

Your dream expresses your own feelings, not those of your male friend. You are worried that he might be angry with you - that does not tell you whether or not he actually is angry. The best way for you to resolve the issue would be to call him.

Confront your friend and tell them that you should at least know what you made that got them angry but if they still wont tell you its better to just move on and tell them its your problem not mine anymore

because she is not ready for that type of relationship yet, she just want to be freinds for know.

military police!! (my friend bob willis here answered that just so u know) so angry go after him!!!!!

u know that when a rabbit is angry when it starts to have sex with u!! hahahahahaha

A giraffe will lower its head when it is angry.

Instead.....wait unil your friend isn't angry anymore. He or she will be easier to impress when his or her feelings do not make him or her uptight or anything.

you ask them why they are angry with you and try and sort out the problem if you can...or just let them cool down for a couple of days

tell them to stop it and talk about something else i know cause this happened to me before

How do you know if a squirrel is angry? You know if a squirrel is an angry squirrel if it stares at you, not focusing on anything but you. Also you will know if a squirrel is angry if it's eyes look like a vampires eyes. But the eyes won't look red, they will be black. And if a squirrels tail is straighter than normal, it is also mad. Remember, their tails are curved not straight. That is how you know if a squirrel is angry.

if you wanna know when you get angry its when some one pisses you off.

angry; the narrator does not trust his friend.

Maybe if your friend was angry with you or if she wasn't the friend you thought she/he was. Maybe your friend has a crush on your crush as well and is using that to get closer to him/her. Meybe your friend is helping to break the ice and let the other person know how you feel so that it is easier to get into a relationship.

Yes, but I if you date them in the future, your friend may either be sad or angry at you.

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