How do you know for sure you are being called into ministry?

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2006-11-25 02:51:09

God calls different people to different ministries in different

ways. God calls all followers to some sort of ministry,

though not necessarily in a pastoral or "official" sense of the

term. Many people simply "know that they know," in ways that many

cannot explain, that they are being called. Others can cite signs

or reasons that confirmed their calling. Others still sense a

calling, only to discover it may not have been real after all. If

you're willing to listen to Him, He'll confirm His calling on you

in ways that will be unmistakable to you, though others may argue

with it. If you feel God telling you to "go for it," go for

it! I would recharacterize your question thusly: "Should an

uncertain person seek a powerful role?" The ministry is a very

serious business, because of the impact it has on human life, and

your question indicates a lack of assuredness. That is, if you were

sure of your calling, you would not be asking. That said, some of

the world's most influential people simply found themselves in that

position as either a vacuum drew them into it, or their natural

ability led them to it. This includes history's tyrants as well,

unfortunately. You can wait around for God to smack you with a

hammer or just get to work on the task in front of you and see

where it leads.

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