How do you know if Jupiter is important?

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Because Zues Peed On The Milky Way And It Made Jupiter!
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What is Jupiter?

Jupiter is one of the eight planets of the solar system and the fifth planet from the Sun. It is believed to have developed from the condensation of gases and other super-heated particles. It is also the largest planet in our solar system. Jupiter was the name of the supreme god and patron of the ( Full Answer )

Where is Jupiter?

Jupiter is the Fifth planet from the sun. it is between Mars, the asteroid Belt, and Saturn. Its diamieter is 11 times bigger than earth. It has a great red spot. this spot is actually a storm swirling in Jupiter's atmosphere

How many people know that Jupiter has rings?

I cannot give an exact number, but I could say that somebody has to know with today's technology. Jupiter isn't really famous for it's rings, though, as you may know, Saturn is, you could barely see Jupiter's rings, can you...?

Why was Jupiter so important to the Romans?

The Roman attitude to their gods was that of a compact - if they honoured the gods, they would look after Rome. Jupiter was their high god and so he was most important to looking after their interests.

Why is it important to know about Mother Teresa?

A: It is important to look behind the publicity surrounding her lifeand realise that Mother Teresa was a complex person, capable ofgood works but was also capable of bad. Actually knowing aboutMother Teresa, rather than just accepting a generalised reputationwill help us put her life in perspective ( Full Answer )

How is it in Jupiter?

No one knows, but I know that you would die if you could get toJupiter, If you could get there.. It would very horrible, becausethe pressure of the gases in Jupiter will crush you once you enterits atmoshpere.

Why is knowing local history important?

Local history involves two elements: Place and People. The first, "Place", means a specific bit of territory, whether a county within a state, a district within a county, a neighborhood, or one's own back yard. That geographic limit makes the detailed information sought or acquired, manageable. With ( Full Answer )

Who was Jupiter?

He was the top god in Roman Mythology.\n. \nClick link below, there choose Jupiter from menu! the greek god Zues

Why is Jupiter important?

Jupiter affects other planets with its immense gravitational pull, a force to the pull of the sun

Why is Jupiter so important to the survival of earth?

As the largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter affects other planets with its immense gravitational pull, a force second only to the pull of the Sun. Though constructed of the same material as the Sun, it would need to be at least 80 times larger to sustain fusion and become a star. Regardless, ( Full Answer )

How did Jupiter get there?

Jupiter is like the 5th planet in the solar system. It has a ring and I believe 63 moon,the highest number of moons any planet has! I hope that help ;p

What about Jupiter?

Jupiter has a BIG red spot on it. Jupiter has a very, very dim ring system. Jupiter also has 16 moons.

Jupiter is know as?

Jupiter is known as the largest planet in the solar system with a diameter of 140 000 km.

How can you get to Jupiter?

It is difficult to get to Jupiter, as it would take years in aspacecraft. If you got to it, it is not possible to land on it, asit is purely made of gas. People could not survive on it. So youcould get close to it, but not actually get to it.

What does Jupiter have on?

Jupiter's core is made up of rock, metal, and hydrogen compounds. Jupiter's outer core is made up of metallic hydrogen. Jupiter's mantle is made up of liquid hydrogen and helium. Jupiter's cloud tops are made up of hydrogen and helium. Jupiter's atmosphere is made up of 89.8% hydrogen an ( Full Answer )

The importance of Jupiter the god?

. what kind of question is this? Jupiter or Zeus was the foremost character (or god) in the myths. He was portrayed as being all-powerful, though given to mortal attractions

What are the most important moons of Jupiter?

the most important moons are the galileans, Ganmede, Calisto, europa and Io. named after their discoverer, galileo. ganymede is larger than mercury and would be a planet in its own right if it wernt bound to jupiter. callisto is almost mercurys twin in size and appearance. europa is the smoothest na ( Full Answer )

Why is Jupiter an important planet for us?

Jupiter's gravitational field is second only in strength to that of the Sun. It's role in protecting the Earth form comet and asteroid impacts is only now being fully appreciated. Comet Shoemaker Levy 9 recently impacted Jupiter having broken into 9 separate fragments, any one of which, had it hit ( Full Answer )

What is important about Jupiter?

Jupiter is massive, Jupiter can't everbecome a star, Jupiter is the fastest spinningplanet in the Solar System, The Clouds on Jupiterare only 50 km thick, The Great Red Spot has beenaround for a long time, Jupiter has rings, Jupiter's magnetic field is 14 times as strong asEarth, Jupiter h ( Full Answer )

What is after Jupiter?

Saturn is the next furthest planet from the Sun afterJupiter. The order of planets is below. . Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.

Why are tornadoes important to know?

They are important to know because if you don't know them you won'tbe prepared for them, making it more likely that you will be killedor injured if one strikes your area.

Why is it important to know about the disorder hypercalcemia?

Hypercalcemia can be considered life threatening. If direct methods are not taken, coma or cardiac arrest can result in this, in worse cases. Hypercalcemia can also be caused as a result of some form of malignant cancer of a bone. That said, the most likely reason for having high blood calcium ( Full Answer )

Why is it important to know the learner?

THE LEARNER can only start from where they are now. Unless a teacher knows 'where the learner is' they will not know where to start, nor will they know at what 'level' to pitch the instruction, nor will they know the preferred learning styles of their pupil. The teacher MUST know, or find out, ( Full Answer )

Why is it important to know about the mass of a star?

It is important to know about the mass of a star because the mass affects what happens in the later stages in its life cycle. Stars with the highest mass have the shortest life because they use up their supply of fuel rapidly. Stars with very low mass have the longest life, just like our sun, becaus ( Full Answer )

Why is it important to know how to think?

becuz if u didnt kno how to thnk u wouldn't have thought to ask thiz question or anything. matter of fact u wouldn't know anything about anything. What a funny question! If you don't have minds to think then you never had this question.

Why is it important to know what ingredients are in dishes?

i would say mostly due 2 allergies, let's say you are allergic to peanuts, you would want to know if there are any peanuts in whatever u are buying before u spent you're money and also for people who don't eat certain things like muslims, who i believe don't eat swine/pork or vegetarians.

Why is it important for you to know science?

Science tells us (or tries to find out) how the universe and everything in it works. That includes YOU! Science will ultimately tell us how (philosophy asks "why"): ...the universe came into existence will end evolved etc. etc. If that's not important to know then you should questi ( Full Answer )

Why is important to know who create a website?

well if this is for school the teachers will gain more proof that u rlly did look at this website and take notes on it. That's my opinion but pleez don't hesitate to ask one of ur teachers this info if it is trubling u:)

Why is it so important to know why we exist?

it's important but not necessary. this is also a very controversial question; for many decades, scientists, philosophers and even normal people have tried to come up with the answer but it's a matter of person opinion.

Why is it important to know how to simplify fraction?

Because simplification allows you to work with smaller numbers. Most people would glaze over if faced with the fraction 1598732/3197464 but, if you have the patience, it simplifies to 1/2 which many will be quite happy to work with.

How do you know if Jupiter High School is closed on a certain day?

The best source of information for school closings in the UnitedStates is usually the local T.V. and radio stations. Radio stationsalmost always announce the list of closings they receive every fewminutes. Television stations usually run an ongoing list ofclosings across the bottom of the screen or ( Full Answer )

Why is it important to know what you do well and not do well?

If you know what you are, and aren't good at, you know what else to try, and what not to do. If you cannot sing you should not be a singer when you grow up, but if you can dance, show off yuor skill. God desinged you as your are, with your talents, use them!

Why is population density important to know?

Population density is very important to know for planning purposes.This will enable a government to come up with feasible manner ofdistributing resources.

Why is it important to know how to proofread?

Proof reading is a systematic method to determine all errors in any draft manuscript before going to final print and eliminates all errors in word,language,grammar,structure,ambiguity or punctuation to make any written composition or work flaw free.It is important for all writers, publishers or inde ( Full Answer )

What is jupiter'?

Jupiter is a gas giant planet that is in our solar system. It is the 5th farthest from the sun and has the colors red, white, tan, and yellow. Its days are ten hours long and takes 4332 Earth days to revolve around the sun. It is also the biggest planet in our solar system. It has one storm cloud on ( Full Answer )

What is Jupiter have?

Let's define JUPITER Jupiter- is the biggest planet. Where in, all the happiest moments are put together and the right people are combined. It is far from the sun, that's why all the people here are so COOL. Jupiter is the only planet in which, all the FIRST TIME started. And that's why, the JUPITER ( Full Answer )

What is some important data about Jupiter?

Jupiter has a big red spot. It is not just any old spot though, it is some kind of on-going tornado. If you head directly to it & reach Jupiter's atmosphere, you will be sucked into the dot (or tornado) and probably die...

How did astronomers know where to discover Jupiter?

They didn't "know where to discover" Jupiter. Jupiter has beenknown since ancient times, since before there was astronomy.Jupiter is one of the brightest objects in the night sky, and canbe easily spotted without visual aid. Jupiter along with four otherplanets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Saturn, wer ( Full Answer )

Did you know Jupiter has no surface?

Well, technically it has a surface, but I get your point. There isnothing actually solid on Jupiter, as it is a gas planet.