How do you know if a celebrity is a virgin?


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You can't tell anyone is a virgin unless they tell you, celebrity or not.

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Uh Nope! Celebrity= Non virgin

a virgin would know alot about sex. im a virgin and i know a great deal about sex.

if you never had sex your a virgin if you did have sex your not virgin

If you have had sexual intercourse you are not a virgin.

If you have never had sex, you are a virgin. There is no test that tells you if you are a virgin or not.

Virgin Holidays offer Celebrity Cruises which can be booked online through their cruise website. There is also a company dedicated to Celebrity Cruises with a website by the same name.

How do you know if a man is lying to you about being a virgin?

You know if you are a virgin because you know you have never had sex.Zero penis' have touched your vagina.

The only sure way to know if someone is a virgin is to ask them.

You can only know it by asking her or take a virginity test .

If you've never had intercourse you are a virgin.

you know you are a virgin if you havent lost your purity.. but if you mean how do you know if you still have your cherry then doctors can tell you that with an examination.

the only way to to tell if a girl is a virgin is to simply ask her if she is a virgin

All celebrity profiles are hidden from the public.

To know if your partner is a virgin or not ask them. If your really in love then it won't be an awkward question.

If you have sex with him and he has no idea what to do then he's probly a virgin

You are a virgin until you engage in sexual intercourse. If you have had sexual intercourse then you are no longer a virgin.

The only sure way to know if someone's a virgin or not is by asking.

Wikianswers does not know if Rihanna is a virgin or not because WikiAnswers does not provide such personal information about anybody.

you won't unless she tells you. Only she and her doctor would know for sure if she is still a virgin.

i don't know but i know where you can watch 21-yearold virgin.

well did you have sexual intercourse? if yes, then no your not. if no, they yes u are a virgin.

Yes she's a virgin I know her she's twelve.

As of 2010, as far as we know, he still remains a virgin.

they hug alot of people if they are not virgin

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