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you dont


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It can be. For example; if a child is raised by a sociopath, the sociopath raising them might be cold and distant(because they could have trouble making an attachment with the child.) The sociopath raising them can also be highly abusive. As a result, the child could grow up to have a sociopathic personality, because thats all they know.

get the child away from the sociopath immediately! the child may become severely emotionally scarred if you don't

There is no such thing as a sociopathic child. To be diagnossed with Antisocial Personality Disorder, the official name for a sociopath, you must be 18 year old.

20 years of brutal negotiation. You cannot give a sociopath an inch.

You can't diagnose a eleven year old as a sociopath. Proffessionals agree that a sociopath can only be diagnosed accuretly as a adult. Once more many CEOs and leaders are sociopath, so your child might grow up to be great.

if you are asking, you're not one.

The sociopath remarries because he/she don't know any better and are sometimes lonely

The only way to know is to ask the person.

Typically, sociopaths won't bother you

It is possible. Sociopaths have no sense of boundaries or guilt.

It all honestly depends on what the sociopath did or said. If you want quick advise: You need to teach the child emotion and the right way of living. I honestly can't say what to do until I know the scenario, so if you would like, email me at and I'll help the situation get better.

I would say watch out, but I dont know why someone would knowingly marry a sociopath in the first place.

No, love does not conquer all. I know because I'vew been a victim of a sociopath, whom I tried to change with my love.

If you feel your child is in danger than I would say yes but if you feel he is a sociopath than maybe you might want to consider consulting your question towards a professional who could tell you the safest way of going about dealing with a sociopath.

The short answer is get out, sociopathy cannot be cured. But see answer to the related question.

you get a restraining order and you tell the judge that he is a sico and then your child will be safe

Sociopath - only way is to get a diagnosis from a psychologist Sexually abused your child - Unless your child speaks out about it, there is no proof Brainwashing - Sociopaths are very good at this, we use it as a mechanism to control others, if the sociopath is completely trusted, like a father is then you have no hope in changing your daughters views unless he removes his mask.

Characteristics are pretty much the same as a sociopath.

Is the sociopath mother on medicine to control her behavior? If not and the sociopath is a danger, then the innocent spouse needs to take legal action to protect himself and the child immediately (contact a lawyer, the county should have some programs to help those who cannot afford one). If the sociopath mother is on medicine, going to counseling and is compliant with her doctor there is not a whole lot you can do. The father will have a better chance in court to get full physical and legal custody.

A sociopath is someone who doesn't care about other people's feelings. A deviant sociopath isn't in any psychology text that I can find. But here are some things that you might be referring to: A sociopath who is abnormal in some way. This would be any sociopath who doesn't fit the exact definition of a sociopath. If a deviant sociopath is just your name for a sociopath. See top. An unpredictable sociopath. A sociopath who is unpredictable in some way, beyond a sociopath's normal unpredictability.

It depends on what is wrong with the child. If the sociopathic parent abused the child, then you would refer to standard abuse therapy. If the child has or is suspected to have RAD, or Reactive Attachment Disorder, then the therapy would be for that. If you suspect the child itself to be a sociopath or developing a Conduct Disorder or Oppositional Defiant Disorder, then the treatment would be for that. (I assume that you can find some of these strategies online, or hopefully (if you are a therapist) you already know them.) It's really just treating the emerging psychological disorders. The child needs to be away from the parent. If abuse or neglect is suspected, then no matter who you are, you have the right to report it. What you can do also depends on who you are. If you are a therapist, then you will probably be able to do this with the help of the child and the parent (foster or otherwise). If, however, you are the foster parent or other biological parent, then you would need to go to a professional therapist and tell them that the parent was a sociopath.

Sometimes if a child is raised by a parent that is a sociopath, the child can grow up to have sociopathic tendencies. Therefore, yes. It is possible.

cruelty to animals, starting fires, threats of violence to others, lack of remorse, lying, manipulating for entertainment or personal gain, typical criminal behaviors

if they are seriously a sociopath take them to get help and then let them know you wanna end it.. i think itd be alittle dangerous to flat out tell them. hope this helps!

No, that's the definition of a sociopath.

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