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This is very difficult. It's done through "venting." The vent is the opening between the anus and the anal fin where the fish will excrete either eggs or sperm. Usually the vent is larger in females. It raelly just depends on the type. In some cases, if there is an "egg spot" on their anal fin, it means that the fish is male.

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Q: How do you know if a cichlid fish is male or female?
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What fish changes sex from female to male?

I believe certain cichlid do

How do you know if your convict fish is male or female?

"I have been breeding Archocentrus nigrofasciatus. ( convict Cichlid ) for the past 5yrs"

How do you know if a walleye fish is a female or male?

The difference between a female or a male is that the female fish is bigger than the male. Hope that helps =D

How do you know a silver arowana wether it is male or female?

In order to know if a Silver Arowana is male or female, you need to look at the size of the fish. The male fish are bigger in size.

Can you put convict fish with African cichlids?

they should go together depending on what africans you have and how big they are. i have a convict female south american cichlid and a jewel male african cichlid that laid eggs and now have fry.

How do you know if a painted parrot fish is male or female?

male is huge and grey female is colurful

How can you know if a goldfish is a male or a female?

If the fish is male it will be bright and colourful, if it is female it will be quite dull

How do you know if a katla fish is male or female?

Male fish always small but finn is hard

How do you know if a fish coin is male or female?

What exactly is a fish coin?

Are fish male and female?

Yes, there are male fish and female fish.

How do you know if flowron fish is female or male?


How do you know if a fish is a male or female?

the females are generally bigger

HOW DO YOU know if your goldfish is a girl or boy?

belly of female gold fish is larger than male gold fish and gill of male gold fish is rough than female gold fish.

How could you tell if a cichled is a female or a male?

That depends on the species of Cichlid. They are all different.

How can you distinguish a male fish from a female fish?

The male fish is usually bigger than a female fish!!!!!

How do you know is a rosy red fish is a male or female?

the rosy red fish is the boy.

Can cichlids convicts fertilize their eggs bythem self?

In order for cichlids to breed successfully you need a male and a female fish. A single cichlid that lays eggs by itself is just a female who is in breeding condition. If you wish to have youngsters then a suitable male is required.

How do you know if a Japanese fighting fish female or male?

the female beta fish is "plainer" than the male as where the male is a darker shade near the face and lighter shade near the tail.

How do you know if mosquito fish are boys or girls?

Female Mosquito fish are larger than the male fish.

How do you know if a pilates fish is male or female?

The males have a red tail.

How do you identify male and female feeder fish?

i also dont know

How can know fish male or female?

they females are brighter and the males are paler

Feeder fish How do you tell male from female of the?

Feeder fish, How do you tell male from female of the?

How do i know my betta is a female?

Your betta fish is a female if she has smaller fins than an average male.

How do you know if a fantail goldfish is a boy or a girl?

a male fish is darker than a female fish