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How do you know if a guy is lieing to you?

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they look around when you ask something and try to make a story or they wont be able to answer it like straight up.

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How do you know your friend is lieing to you?

if you really know your friend you should know hen she/he is lieing to you for example if he/she is not acting the same way or gets nervous when talking to you

Are you lieing?

The world may never know...

Why does the guy not love you?

Well there are many reasons but you never really know he could be lieing and he really dose love you but the beat thing to do is to keep you mind of him.

What does it mean when a guy says your the coolest person he knows?

he just lieing he thinks that because he wants to use you as a friend 2. he think your he bestfriend he wants to know if you are

Do pathological liars know that they are lying?

Yes, pathological liers do know that they are lieing, although sometimes the lie does get to the extreme and to the point where they can begin to believe thier lie. But most of the time they do know that they are lieing.

How do you know if people are lieing?

Often people look right when they lie

How can you know when someone is lieing?

We can come to know when they say something and stammer. sometimes they stammer when they are nervous.But you should tell them to look into your eyes and speak. If they can't do that it means they are lieing. Or sometimes you can come to know when you ask them random quesiions on the thing that they lied to you and when they can't answer it.

How do you know if a website is lieing?

You say u'll sue the person if they dont tell you

How do you know when a boy is lieing?

when he is being too sweet. and doesn't look into your eyes.

What are the climate of grassslands?

i don't know that's why i went to this lieing stupid web site

What if you keep telling your girlfriend that you will do something and end up lying to her?

Then she start realizing that you lieing to her.Then she start realizing that you lieing to her.Then she start realizing that you lieing to her.Then she start realizing that you lieing to her.

Why is Verizon lying?

verision wireless isn't the one lieing at&t is the one lieing if you look closer you can see at&t is the one lieing

How do you know if your girlfriend is lieing?

tell her to look in to your eyes, then if she looks away or laughs then shes lying.

Why should you include a work cited list at the end of a report?

so peopel know its not you lieing

Is lying about where you have been a good two month punishment?

lieng is not about where and been its how you say to people. punishment can be for lieing,lieing can be stealing and cheating. there are reasons. lieng is not about where and been its how you say to people. punishment can be for lieing,lieing can be stealing and cheating. there are reasons.

Why do guys lie about cheating when they know they are caught?

well it goes like this if the guy lies about cheating on u when he is caught then he is lieing because 1) he loves you with all his heart. 2) or he just doesnt want to lose u at all.

What technology does Brazil have?

they have computers and phones and im lieing and shoes and .................. ya im lieing

Is it lieing or lying?

I think that it is lying. I used to think that it was lieing, but then my mother told me that it was lying.

Top speed of a 2003 suzuki jr 80?

Mine is clocked at 150 but i think it is 165-170 this guy is lieing it gose 145mph

What is your biggest mistake?


What are the names of the beaches?

the five beaches were: Utah, Omaha, Juno, Sword and Gold stop lieing you know you made that up

Ok so i know this guy and he is 19 and im 15 he says he loves me and will wait for me but how do i tell if hes lieing and or he likes me?

so, u can see if he does does love you, by seeing f he stares at you a lot, is really nice to you, and smiles at you a lot. if he also teases you alot. tats when you know he really likes you. i don't know how to tell if he's lying though. SORRY!!

How do you make a guy jelouse?

well always be yourself but try to act like you are by lieing but dont make it to ovieous cause if you do then he will know your lieing so dont lie all the time and try to make him notice you by thinking your the coolst girl he ever seen like talking 2 everyone one else and not him and dont lie about the big things just the little things caue if you are dating him in the future then you mite regret what you said to him................

How to tell when somebody is being honest?

alot of the time when people repeat a question you ask it means they're stalling to try and think of a lie,when their story seems to drag on,when they can't look at you or they try to avoid you,they're lieing. when my husband is lieing he gets real defensive. don't know if this is true or not,but i heard when people lie they look to the left alot and they touch their face sometimes,who knows, some people are so good at lieing you might never know.

What does it mean when a guy you like randomly texts you once you talk for like two hours then he never texts you again?

Ask him what is going on if he says nothing then he's lieing!