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Hold back. See if the guy has any real substance. Talk to him, see if there is anything in his head that's not affected by hormones. The problem with jumping into bed too quickly is that you never get to figure out what is in the other person's head. Is he a budding physicist? Maybe he's a brain surgeon in the making. Maybe he's just a stupid gang-banger and won't ever amount to anything.

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How to know if he wants to be more than just friends?


How do you know if a boy just wants to be friends?

If he asks you out, he wants to be more than friends.

How do you know if she wants more than just sex?

If she want's more than just sex you need to talk to her about it. different girls have different signs

How do you know if a guy likes you as more than just a friend?

If a guy wants to spend more one-on-one time with you, he probably likes you as more than just a friend.

How do you know when a boys really wants to talk to you?

Well to be honest if he wants to talk to you i think he just would as boys have more confidence than girls (:

How do you know a guy is going to ask you out?

if he says that he wants to be more than just friends or if he keepa trying to but is shy (:

If a guy just wants to go out but does not want it to be more than that is he gay?

Not necessarily -- he wants to get to know you better. Take him up on his offer if you want to and see what develops!

How do you know when its more than just friends?

when he looks jelous when other guys look at you, when he is super protective over you, when he just stares at you, basicly if all he does is those things you know he just dosent want to friends he wants more.

How can you tell he likes you more than just a friend?

If a guy is being your friend and he's not gay, he wants you. Trust me, I know, he wants you or he would give you little of his time.

How do you know when a girl wants more than a kiss?

If she's going in for more ;)

What does it mean when your boyfriend spends more time with his friends than you?

maybe he just wants his friends to know that he has a girlfriend , but he really does not like you.

How can you tell if he wants to be just friends or more than that?

well you can tell if he wants to be more than friends if hes always flirting with you and is very clingy towards you and you can tell if he just wants to be friends by if hes not really giving you the attention he should give you like he really just acts like he wants to be friends with you more than boyfriend and girlfriendby- Courtney

What does it mean if you asked a girl to go steady and she tells you she wants to be friends until she wants something more?

It means she wants to just be friends and not be your girlfriend. It also means that she will let you know if she decides to be more than friends sometime in the future, but not to count on it.

How to know if a guy thinks ur cute And wants to be more then friends?

The only way to know if a guess thinks that you are cute and wants to be more than friends is to ask him.

What does it mean if a guy always french kisses you goodbye?

it means that he is in love with u and he wants more than just kissing...if u know what i mean!!! he is after ALOT more!!

Why does he tell you to do whatever you want when you ask him what he wants to do instead of telling you what he wants?

He cares for you more than himself, hence he treasures your thoughts and opinions more than his. When these situations occur, just give him your opinion, or if you know him well enough, say something that he might like.

How do you tell he wants you for more than sex?

if the guy enjoys talking to you, and just hanging out with you without having tons of intamacy and physical contact then u can tell he wants you for more than just sex. if the guy contantly asks you to hook up or whatever he definitely just wants you for sex

How much beer can a keg hold?

as much as it wants to just no more than it can

How do you know when a guy wants to be more than friends?

well they guy will blush and be more shy around you.

What does it mean if your guy says after 5 dates that he doesn't know if he likes you as more than a friend but you have kissed and stuff and how can he doubt you when he doesn't even know you well?

He just wants some

How do you know if a guy wants to be more than just good friends?

If a guy is paying a lot of attention to you, most likely, he wants to be more then good friends. If this particular guy ever gets up the nerve, he will ask you out. That will be a sure sign.

Why would your guy friend give you wild rose plant for?

He wants to bang you! :) or he wants to be more than just friends ;-)

How do you know if someone wants to be more than a friend?

By their actions around you. If they are different around you then her friends then you'll know

I have this woman I'm in love with but she talks to the father's of her kids on a daily basis about more than just the kids and will not bend on that and wants to do what she wants when she wants.?

just tell her you dont like it when she talks to him alot

What kind of cells did Anton van Leeuwenhoek discover?

Doug & Wendy forever!!! he loves her more than she will ever know & he wants to spend the rest of is life with her. & he just wants her to know that he will love her forever and that will never change. she will always be in his heart, & even if they break up, he will always be there for her and will still always always always love her more than life itself.

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