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Feel the head and cheeks. If it feels like sandpaper, it's a male. You may not be able to feel this until spring time though. A female koi will feel slippery during breeding season.

also most males are longer and more slender and the females carry eggs and they wil have a "bulge" near there stomach regon

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Q: How do you know if a koi fish is male or female?
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Black koi fish meaning?

The black koi fish is representative of the male gender, the sun and evil. Where the white is representative of the female gender, the moon and goodness

How do you identify a male and female koi?

Female fish will have a v shape in there tail fin more than the males.

What does the colors of a koi fish mean?

The colors of a koi fish can let you know what species it is. The colors can also let you know how old the fish may be.

Are koi eggs fertilized before or after they get pushed out of the female koi?

The koi eggs frtilized after they pushed out of the female koi. The male releases sperms in the water, the fertilized process occurs whithin five second after the eggs get pushed out of the femal koi.

What is the average weight and length of a koi fish?

I don't know the weight of koi but I know they can grow up to 24".

Difference between male and female koi?

See this website

How do you tell if a koi fish is girl or boy?

A person can tell if a koi fish is a boy or girl by looking at their fins. A female will have fan-shaped fins with very little color.

How do I know when your Koi fish is having babies Koi?

Koi are egg layers/scatterers of adhesive eggs so they don't actually 'have babies'.

How much do Koi fish cost?

I know in southern Indiana they can run from $15.00 up to $50.00 - $60.00 depending on the kind of koi, and the condition of the fish.

Tattoos that symbolise endurance?

Koi fish Koi fish

What kind of fish are in Japan?

Japan has manhy kind of fish but they are very well know for their koi fish.

In which country does the koi fish live?

Koi fish can live in almost any country. Koi are thought to be originally from Japan. Many people have outdoor fish ponds in which Koi are the dominant fish.

How do you know if a fish is a coy fish?

Koi (not Coy) Carp are big pond fish, they differ from Goldfish by having barbels (whiskers) around the mouth. If the fish has those, then it's a Koi and not a Goldfish. The smallest varieties of Koi still get over 24", big ol'fish they are!

How do koi mate?

Koi, Japanese goldfish from the carp family, mate like most other fish. The female Koi lays thousands of eggs which are then fertilized by one or more males.

What do the colors on a koi fish symbolize?

What do the colors on a koi fish symbolize

What is meaning of two koi fish?

There are a number of meanings - Yin-Yang, Male/Female, Day/Night, Water/Fire, Sun/Moon. It all stems from philosophy of taoism.

What is a Japanese koi?

a fish, a koi carp

What does a purple koi fish mean?

What dose a purple and white koi fish meaning

Why does a koi fish have only one eye?

Koi fish usually have two eyes.

How do you tell a carp fish from a koi fish?

Koi are a type of specially bred carp.

Why koi fish is a fish?

because it is fish

What is the meaning of a koi fish?

In Japanese, both the words for 'carp' and 'love' are pronounced 'koi'. therefore the koi fish can be a symbol of friendship.

How do you tell the sex of a koi fish?

The sex of koi fish cannot be determined unless a)you dissect the koi or b)you witness the breeding.

Can other fish live with the koi fish?

yes as long the fish mate is bigger than the koi mouth.

Can koi fish eat bannannas?

Yes koi fish can eat bannannas but only in very little pieces. koi fish can actually eat any type of good comon fruit. the only fruit that i know that they can not eat is grape fruit.