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Just look for a black dot on the stomach and keep an eye on it as time goes by the bigger it gets the closer it will be to having the baby guppies.

If you have a female and male guppy, it is very very likely that they will have mated. It takes 3-4 weeks for the guppy to have babies.

2009-10-02 06:10:51
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How can you tell if guppy fish is pregnant?

The female guppy will develop a dark spot on the side of her belly during pregnancy. As the pregnancy progresses, the spot will grow darker.

How do you get guppy pregnant?

If there is a female guppy and a male guppy in a tank you can almost guarantee the female will be gravid ( pregnant ).

How do you get your guppy pregnant?

Put a male guppy and female guppy in the same aquarium. That's all you can do. Chances are that if you got the female guppy from a store she's already pregnant. Female guppies can hold sperm for months and have several births from the same sperm.

Why is your female guppy avoiding your male guppy?

The male guppy will chase thw female guppy, corner her and "show of" which looks like he is shivering before they mate. Keep an eye on the female for a dark ovary spot... you may end up with fries!

How can you get your female guppy fish pregnant?

All that is needed is a male guppy in with her.

Why does male guppy follow female guppy?

It might want to mate with it.

Is the male guppy more beautiful than the female guppy?

yes there are. that is how they get mates.

If a female guppy gravid spot is yellow is she pregnant?

The gravid spot on a guppy is not always a 100% determination of pregnancy as the colours can vary. Quite often, when they are ready to give birth, the gravid spot becomes quite dark.

Why does your male guppy keep biting your female guppy?

Quite often a male guppy will nip at the female if she is pregnant; this can stress the female and make her ill.You can place the female in a birthing cage early on if this is a problem, but pay extra attention to the cleaning of the birthing cage daily.

How can you tell a female guppy?

A female guppy has a darker brown line that is visible through its body. The male has a very light brown line.

Can a female guppy survive without a male guppy?

Yes, of course. The males are needed only for reproduction. But it is better to find a pair for the female.

Is your female guppy becoming a male guppy?

That does not happen with guppies. They stay the same sex for life.

How long is a female guppy pregnant?

About a month.

Can two different guppy fish mate?

Any male Guppy (Lebistese reticulatus) can impregnate any female guppy. No matter what their common names are they are still guppies and provided they are male and female they can and will breed together.

How many babies does a guppy have?

It depends on how old the guppy is, starting at about ten for a young female, with the maximum at 70.

Why is your male guppy swimming with an arched back a little chubby and is not eating?

Your male guppy is female and with child.

How do you tell the difference between a fat female guppy fish and a pregnant guppy fish?

The Gravid female will have the dark "gravid spot" in front of her vent. I can however assure you that if there has been a male in the same tank with a female guppy for any reasonable length of time she will be gravid.

How do you now when a female guppy is pregnant?

When your female guppy is pregnant it will look a bit fatter than normal. They usually have their babies 4-6 weeks after they are pregnant.

Your guppy guppy you raised you thought was a female but now has the gordium of a male same length of a female but the pointy thing of a amale and it dont breed what is it male or female?

If the fish has a "GONOPODIUM" it is definitely a male.

What is the gestation period for a female guppy?

About 4 weeks.

Why does a female guppy suddenly get an arched back?

it is mature.

What is the difference between a male guppy and a female guppy?

Males have longer, more colorful fins, females can be smaller.

How do you tell if a baby guppy is a boy or girl?

The guppy female fry are usually a darker color than the male.

What do I do if my male guppy can't catch my female guppy?

if you're trying to breed them, don't worry. he'll catch her

Why does my male guppy keep nipping my female guppy?

he may be trying to mate or if he is a fighter fish.. trying to kill