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How do you know if a man finds you attractive?

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Darling how old are you?Don't you have any experience? When a man keeps looking at you and he keeps smiling to you it's obvious that he likes you,in a way or other.The rest you have to discover for yourself.Sometimes you can be a total booty call and sometimes the guy really loves you so,WATCH OUT!!bye-bye.sweetie!

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How do you tell if a man finds a women attractive?

they are a lot of ways to tell if a man finds a women attractive. one way to tell if a man finds a women attractive, if he tries to sit next to her at a bar or a club or somewhere

How do you know if your partner still finds you attractive?


What do you call a man who finds it difficult to find the attractive girl?


What does it mean when a man feels a woman's bum?

He likes her and finds her attractive.

What does it mean if a man always stares at you and calls you darling and babe?

He finds you attractive.

Why is he dating her and not you?

He finds her attractive and not you.

How do you know if she wants to dump you?

If she doesn't talk to you or is distant. If she no longer finds you funny or attractive. If she is mean to you or ignores you.

Why does a man stare at a woman?

A man stares at a women for these reasons~ he finds her attractive~he thinks shes good-looking~ the woman probably reminds him of someone

What kind of girl is attractive?

Being attractive is subjective. Who one person finds attractive another may not.

If a woman walking by gives you a smile does it mean she finds you attractive?

Answer Could be that she finds you attractive, why not follow her and see if she minds joining you for a coffee. What have you to loose.

Are you gay when you find other men attractive but sleep with women?

Yes, a man who finds other men attractive is gay. If you still sleep with women and find it arousing and enjoyable, then you bisexual.

How Do You Get On Muzio's List?

When he finds you infuriating but attractive

How to know if a girl finds me attractive?

If a girl always wants to be around you, or always smiles at you, she might find you attractive. Another sign is if she casually touches you while you're talking.

Why do men ogle at woman until the woman is gone out of sight?

The man that ogles a woman finds her attractive and if he does it discreetly she take it as a compliment.

What does it mean when boy say he has a boner bcus of me?

If a boy says he has a boner because of you, he is letting you know that he finds you attractive and is turned on.

How do you know if someone finds you attractive?

1. if they tell you they like you or find you attractive. 2. if they are more subtle possibility of flirting like complimenting you on looks such as your eyes or hair, even your clothing.

Is the master cheif gay?

yup and he finds you attractive

What is Mccains opinion about marriage?

McCain believes that marriage should only be between a man and a woman and should last until the man finds a woman he thinks is more attractive.

What if you girlfriend finds another man attractive?

nothing wrong with that as long as she doesn't act on it .if she starts flirting then she crossed the line and maybe we are not that close.

What does it mean if a man says he finds you very attractive but lets just be friends?

He doesn't want a relationship other than a platonic one.

What does he mean by you are bold and beautiful refering to your plus size?

it means that while you are overweight, the man you are talking about finds you attractive because of how vibrant you are, and how you are unashamed to be you.

If a boy said your eyes are pretty does it mean he likes you?

It means he finds you attractive, he might not even know what you're like on the inside...

Why does this guy look at me even if he is talking to my friends and will talk to anyone but me?

Maybe he finds you attractive and doesn't know how to talk to you. Start looking back at him.

If he buys you flowers does it mean he loves you?

No, but it does mean he finds you physically attractive

What to do if your crush finds you attractive but likes another girl?

throw yourself at him