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You can't know and only a trained professional could put a label on someone like this man. Some people can be just immature and if it bothers you that much then realize you can't change that person so you either put up with it until they grow up (hopefully) or you move on. Sociopaths/psychopaths are basically emotionally immature anyway as they have no conscious. They are random...they need a thrill or stimulation and in some cases they might 'act' immature to feel some kind of emotion inside, but they never will. Sociopaths they are so angry that they cannot feel human all the humans they see and they are dead inside. They are almost like a machine-human; they know something is wrong with them but they don't know what because they have no CONSCIOUS. It is a really miserable existence, that is why they can kill and also be suicidal.

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Q: How do you know if a man is a sociopath or just very immature?
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