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Objective assessment of independently verified facts, concensus, and consistency. On the internet, it is generally good advice to be wary of uncited information.


The dilemma you present is inherent to all topics found on the internet. All you or anyone can do is find a site that is well regulated, & to check your answers with other sources.


You can't be certain how valid an answer is on a site like this where everyone is encouraged to provide answers.

It never hurts to do a little research on your own once you get an answer and see if the facts match up.

It also helps if people would mention where they got their facts.

And (this should be obvious) if a reply starts with something like "I'm not sure, but..." or "I think..."

And thanks to many helpful, responsible and knowledgeable people, incorrect information is often noticed and commented on.


Please bear in mind, too, that some questions relate to very complex issues and no single answer will be right in an 'absolute' sense. Obviously, a question like 'What were the underlying causes of WW1?' isn't comparable to 'How many yards are there in a mile?' The question about WW1 is still a matter of scholarly research and debate, whereas the question about yards in a mile is quite different. (Having said that, some answers will certainly be inaccurate). With experience, you may be able to work out whether an answer is well informed - whether the person who wrote it seems to have done plenty of reading on the topic or not. You may be able to develop a the ability to recognize answers that are a repetition of what the answerer learned at high school, and may now remember inaccurately. Some answers may be based on guesswork, and you may be able to learn to recognize these.

In general, one should be cautious about accepting a simple answer to a question about things that are complicated.

If you need to be reasonably certain about the accuracy of an answer, you should do the necessary research in the ordinary way, and treat the answer(s) you get here as possibilities, not as definitive.


If an answer is wrong, we hope someone with the right answer will fix it. You can report errors to the category supervisors.

Although an answer may not satisfy your question, in many cases it may indicate terms or corrections that will help locate your information.

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Q: How do you know if answers on WikiAnswers are right or wrong?
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What if WikiAnswers' answers are wrong?

If you know an answer is wrong then correct it, that is how WikiAnswers works.

Do you know that these coin answers are wrong?

If you find a wrong answer on WikiAnswers, you are welcome to correct it. That is the way WikiAnswers works, anyone can answer a question, and anyone can change what another has answered.

What do you do when WikiAnswers is wrong?

If you know for a fact that an answer to a question is wrong, then you may remove it by clicking 'improve' towards the top right of the answer, and removing the answer you know is wrong.

Why does wikianswers always give us wrong answers?

Sometimes,people answer questions wrong,but if you see a question,and you don't know it,then don't answer it,because you will get it wrong,and you teach people the wrong answer.

Does WikiAnswers give the wrong answers?

if the person answering the question has the wrong answer. For example, i am just a normal person answering a question. It could be wrong though i only answer what i know.

Why are all WikiAnswers wrong?

Not all WikiAnswers are wrong, but sometimes the questions are. This is an example of one of those.The answers that are wrong are usually that way because of vandals and trolls who come on WikiAnswers and give nonsense answers because they believe it is fun. Although WikiAnswers does have a program called Vandal Patrol, a group of supervisors devoted to removing nonsense and troll-tracks, many WikiAnswers contributors do their part in reporting vandals when they discover them.If you do find an answer that is wrong, the best thing to do is to edit it to make it correct (the assumption being that if you recognize it is wrong, you will know the right answer). Failing the editing or addition of a new answer, just remove the bad answers.We WikiAnswers contributors are doing our very best to try to keep vandals at bay, and give the right answers. We apologize for any wrong answer given on the site. Be assured that it will be fixed as soon as it is reported or discovered.

What are the good and bad points about WikiAnswers for a new person?

Well someone can just answer a wrong question mistaking a person such as "Did Edward Manet have any sisters"? Someone can just put 100 sisters. But if you look sometime Wikianswers will give you the right answers because people actually know the answer! Well someone can just answer a wrong question mistaking a person such as "Did Edward Manet have any sisters"? Someone can just put 100 sisters. But if you look sometimes Wikianswers will give you the right answers because people actually know the answer! Well someone can tell you the wrong answer and you could get fooled by it.Though they can tell you the right answers. HE HAS 10000 SISTERS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH YOU ARE GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is Google or WikiAnswers better?

Wikianswers gives personal answers (sometimes). If you get the right answerer, you are guaranteed a correct - as far as we know - answer. Google just trolls the web pages.

Is WikiAnswers right?

Some people joke around with their answers, but some people don't. You never know when it is right but most likely, if an answer sounds correct, it is.

Were is martin cooper living right now?

why would you go to this site its people answers and they could be wrong about the answers so if you want to get the right answers go to a different site and you will see alote of these kind of answers because you shouldn't use this site and I know that you more than likely need the right answers so if I were you I would stay off this site you never know if people put the wrong answers so you get your answers wrong so please stay off this site I really wouldn't want you to get the wrong answers so for me stay off this site

Why are all of the answers on WikiAnswers completely useless?

Not all answers on WikiAnswers are useless. Usually unhelpful answers are posted by WikiAnswers users who don't know what they are doing, and post answers to questions even if they don't really know the answer. If you find an answer on WikiAnswers that is unhelpful, you can remove it or flag it for improvement using the tools on the blue bar on your left.

How do I know answers is always right?

You don't and should never assume this. Many answers on this site are horribly wrong! Even the so called "experts" often give ghastly misleading and wrong answers.

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