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How do you know if it is a Morgan?


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A Morgan dollar would be dated 1878-1904 or dated 1921. If you've got a silver dollar dated 1878-1904 that does not say "Trade Dollar" on the reverse, you for sure have a Morgan dollar. In practice though trade dollars are infrequently found that date from the era of the Morgan Dollar. The only other possible overlap you have is 1921. The 1921 Morgan dollar is quite common and generally sells for bullion value even in the lowest grade. On the other hand the 1921 Peace Dollar is scarce and commands a large premium over melt value, even in lower grades. The easiest way to tell if you've got a 1921 Morgan vs. a 1921 Peace dollar is to look at the reverse of the coin. If the eagle has its wings outstretched, you've got a Morgan dollar. If the eagle is perched on a rock, you've got a Peace Dollar.

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