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Q: How do you know if its a Oil leak-Renault megane scenic?
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What oil does a Renault megane scenic fidji 2003 take?

Clean oil

Why have you got oil in your water in a 1997 Renault Megane Scenic?

Head gasket leaking?

How can you check on the oil level in the auto gearbox of a megane scenic dynamique?

stick a stick in it

Where is the car battery in an r reg megane coupe?


Replace gearbox oil on Renault scenic?

scenic II gearbox oil

When driving my car which is a t reg Renault scenic megane the jumps when driven in 1st and 2nd gear?

If its more like a judder, clutch, could be oil or damaged plate.

Renault Megane Scenic w 2001 says 'serv' on dash how do you remove it please?

The service engine warning indicator, on the instrument panel, is an indication that the oil needs to be changed. Change the motor oil and the warning light should go off.

What oil do you use for a Renault scenic 04 1.9 dci?

what oil do i use for my Renault scenic 04 1.9 dci

Why does the Renault Megane Scenic clutch shudder?

Oil contamination of the clutch drive plate from a leaking crankshaft oil seal is the most probable answer to this, however, thrust bearing or deformation of the drive plate or clutch cover are also possible. Likely to be a costly repair, this.

How much oil does a scenic 1.9 dti gearbox hold?

5 litres is the amount of oil that scenic 1.9 dti gearbox hold.

What engine oil for a Renault scenic?


Engine oil for megane?

how name oil for renault megane convertable 15 dci 2007AnswerRecommended grades for the Meganemoderate climatePetrol engines 10W/30Diesel engines 10W/40.

How much to replace head gasket on Renault megane scenic 1.6 1998?

One of my customers just paid £800 for the headgasket on his scenic..... inc cambelt, oil, filter, head skim, gaskets etc etc ... and it was not done properly! I have just charged him £400 for the same job done correctly this time. Hope that helps :)

Where is the oil filter on scenic?

on the front left of the engine if its a petrol

What is the oil capacity of the Renault Scenic?

5 liter (4.8)

What is the oil change interval on renault scenic?

10,000 miles

What oil-fluid goes in the Renault megane convertiable 1999?

10w/40 semi synthetic oil

What grade of oil for Renault megane 1.4?

10/40 semi synthetic

How much oil in Renault megane 1.6?

4.85 you will have enough left over to fill your oil can..

Where is the gearbox oil filler on a Renault grand scenic Man?

you phrrt on them

How do you change transmission oil on a automatic Renault scenic?

Take it to a Transmission workshop. They have special machine that sucks old oil out and pumps new oil in until oil is clean. Also know the correct fluid to use for your vehicle which is very important.

How can you change the oil in a Renault megane automatic gear box?

bring to the gearbox specialist:))))

Where do you put the gearbox oil on a 2004 Renault scenic 1.9 dci?

in the gearbox..

What oil must I use in a Renault Megane 1.6 automatic?

Redefine your question, for engine or gearbox ?

What is Renault Elf on newish cars such as the Megane?

Elf are the brand of oil that Renault use in the factory