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Smell their clothes.

Look for nicotine stains on their fingers

Nicotine stains on their teeth

Smoker's cough

Smoker's voice (rough, raspy)

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Do four hundred thousand people really die each year from smoking?

it depends how many people are smoking each year you don't know maybe someone will hide and smoke you won't be able to know when someone is smoking

What do you do if you know a seventh grader is smoking?

tell someone aysap

Is the smoking ban a good or bad idea?

The smoking ban may save the life of someone you know.

What are causes of smoking?

the causes of smoking is someone smoking. the effects are what happens after.

Should women smoke weed in front of their children?

Women shouldn't be smoking weed period, so the answer is no and no. If you know of someone smoking weed report them to the police.

How do you make someone sick when smoking pot?

Why would you want to make someone sick? The only way for someone to get sick from smoking marijuana is for them to share a smoking devise with someone who is sick. Even then, it might not work.

What to do if you know someone is smoking k2?

help them stay away from it but be careful when high people can do mean things

What is the most efficient way to quit smoking?

The most efficient way to quit smoking is go to one of the NHS people and ask for the QUIT SMOKING KIT to help you quit your smoking. If not ask someone who you know doesn't smoke to help you but taking NICOTINE.

How did you know that Vanessa Hudgens is smoking?

Vanessa is not smoking ... No !!

What is the percentage of someone dying from smoking marijuana?

You cannot die from smoking marijuana.

Can yo catch herpes smoking with someone if you have hsv 2?

No, it will not transfer from smoking.

Can you get hiv from smoking weed after someone?


How can you find out if someone has been smoking in a house?

The smell. If anything smells like smoke, marijuana or anything then someone has been smoking.

What percentage of people are at risk from smoking?

Everyone who smokes and everyone near someone who is smoking.

Is marijuana in your system if someone around you is smoking?

Yes it can be inhaled (Passive smoking) and get into your system

Has someone died this year from smoking?

Yes, A lot of people have died from smoking this year

Does smoking have something in it that keeps someone not to quit?

Smoking has something that just wont make them quit that is true, but one's who want to have a healthy life and great life stop smoking. I dont know what it might be but all i know is that theres something to it. It might be the taste, or the way how its done and people are facinated in it or it could be just the it works.

Does smoking marijuana kill brain cells?

No, smoking weed does not kill brain cells! No cause if it did someone would of died by know do to marijuana damaging the brain yet there is no recorded death atributed to marijuana

What is a smoking dragon?

In my experience, a smoking dragon is someone that takes big hits when smoking marijuana. For example, my buddies call me the 'Dragon.'

How do you stop someone from smoking?

i dont smile

What causes smoking?

Depression or if someone has an attitude.

Can you catch aids from smoking with someone who has aids?

No you can not.

Can you catch a cold from smoking marijuana?

NO ... as long as you aren't sharing a smoking device with someone who does have a cold.

Does weed give you aids?

Only if you share smoking implements with someone who has aids. From actually smoking it, no.

Can someone around someone smoking crack get the same side effects as the person smoking it?

uh, no.. of course not.. but then again you'll still live in the ghetto...

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