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How do you know if the hamster will bite you?

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If you have owned the Hamster from its baby stage and have gently held it at least once a day and gotten it used to your touch (also if you have always made sure your hands were cleaned before you pet or handle them) then you should be in no danger of being bitten.

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How does someone know when a hamster is about to bite another?

if they keep on messing with them

Should you return a biting hamster?

No. Once the hamster gets to know you he will no longer bite. Hamsters usually bite when they are young and nervous. They need to acclimate themselves to you.

Which breeds of hamster don't bite?

All hamster breeds bite. It depends on the individual hamster on whether or not it bites.

If a hamster bites one time will it bite again?

a hamster will only bite if you provoke it

Does child need tetanus after hamster bite?

No, unless the hamster has rabies. if the hamster is a household pet, then no. Hamsters rarely bite, anyway.

Everytime you try and pick up your hamster he tries to bite you?

Obviously, your hamster is still scared of you. Try petting it, fedding it, anything that will make a hamster get to know you better.

How do you get my hamster in its hamster ball?

Place it in. If it bite were gloves

Will you die from a hamster bite?

If it's a domestic or pet hamster, it's fine. You don't have to worry. But if you get bitten by a wild hamster, go to your doctor. You don't know what diseases this wild hamster might have.

How do you know if your hamster likes and trusts you?

if it isn't afraid of u, and if it doesn't bite u

How do you know if your hamster like you?

you know when your hamster likes you when she/he does not bite or run away from you when you approach her/him with your hand and will take food out your hand and seems calm wen you hold her/him hope this helped :)

Who bite a male hamster or a female hamster?

Actually, if you are asking which one bites more or bites at all, they both may bite but it depends on the hamster. If they are agitated or tired, yes they may bite. My hamster nips when I reach in to grab her when she is sleeping, but she doesn't bite all the time. Male hamsters may bite, too, it really depends on how socialized and affectionate the hamster is for you. Hope this helps!

Can a spider bite a hamster?

Yes. Spiders can bite a hamsters.

Can hamster bite?

Yes, if an animal has teeth it can usually bite.

When does a Hamster bite?

A hamster will usually bite if hurt, frightened, nervous, or if it wants to go back in its cage. Hope i helped

What are the signs of a nervous hamster?

If a hamster is scared or nervous it may bite you.

Do baby hamster bite?


Why do hamster bite the cage?

sometimes hamster bite their cage because they might be simply bored or are trying to file down their teeth

Does a Syrian hamster bite?

Yes,a Syrian hamster can bite but mine only bit me once though so it depends on their personality

What happens if we din't consult doctor when hamster bite?

Nothing. Unless the hamster is sick, your bite is just the same as any regular cut.

What happens if we didn't consult doctor when hamster bite?

Nothing. Unless the hamster is sick, your bite is just the same as any regular cut.

How long does a hamster's bite take to heel?

A hamster bite should heel in a week. i myself have had many hamster bites so it will heel faster if u clean it reguarly and put neosporin on it.If the hamster bite do not heal soon your hamster may have rabies. It is one of the symptoms of bite with rabies. LONG TO HEAL. better to consult your doctor

Why do hamsters bite humans?

No. Depends on what kind of hamster you get. The hamsters I have now do not bite. Syrian hamsters may bite. It will keep fighting with a hamster you might have already until that one dies.

Do robovoski hamsters bite?

well no and yes, if you make any hamster mad or unhappy they might bite if your hamsters ears are laid back ( not from just waking up) then you might want to leave your hamster alone. If your hamster is making a chittering nose then your or any hamster is annoyed also hamster rarely bite unless they are new to your home.

What if a hamster bites you and you start bleeding?

If a hamster bites you and you start bleeding you will be fine because me myself got bite by my hamster and nothing happened unless your hamster has a disease that u know of than you will be okay but if it does have a diesese than you should probably check it out:)

How can you tell if your hamster is going to bite you cause sometimes my hamster nibbles on me but I'm not sure if it's going to bite should I pull out my hand I have a robo dwarf hamster?

You can tell if its slepping right well if its slepping itll bite you bother it in its sleep