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If you have owned the Hamster from its baby stage and have gently held it at least once a day and gotten it used to your touch (also if you have always made sure your hands were cleaned before you pet or handle them) then you should be in no danger of being bitten.

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Q: How do you know if the hamster will bite you?
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How does someone know when a hamster is about to bite another?

if they keep on messing with them

Should you return a biting hamster?

No. Once the hamster gets to know you he will no longer bite. Hamsters usually bite when they are young and nervous. They need to acclimate themselves to you.

Which breeds of hamster don't bite?

All hamster breeds bite. It depends on the individual hamster on whether or not it bites.

If a hamster bites one time will it bite again?

a hamster will only bite if you provoke it

How do you get my hamster in its hamster ball?

Place it in. If it bite were gloves

Does child need tetanus after hamster bite?

No, unless the hamster has rabies. if the hamster is a household pet, then no. Hamsters rarely bite, anyway.

How do you know if your hamster likes and trusts you?

if it isn't afraid of u, and if it doesn't bite u

Everytime you try and pick up your hamster he tries to bite you?

Obviously, your hamster is still scared of you. Try petting it, fedding it, anything that will make a hamster get to know you better.

Will you die from a hamster bite?

If it's a domestic or pet hamster, it's fine. You don't have to worry. But if you get bitten by a wild hamster, go to your doctor. You don't know what diseases this wild hamster might have.

How do you know if your hamster like you?

you know when your hamster likes you when she/he does not bite or run away from you when you approach her/him with your hand and will take food out your hand and seems calm wen you hold her/him hope this helped :)

Can hamster bite?

Yes, if an animal has teeth it can usually bite.

Can a spider bite a hamster?

Yes. Spiders can bite a hamsters.

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